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  1. Does anyone know of a production house selling off all their old gear from the 90's? I need a production-grade VCR for some tapes I'd like to make. I specifically want a tested Panasonic AG-7350, but other models could be fine. Thanks.
  2. Need one of those stand alone tripods that can get down to around a foot in height while still being able to smoothly pan with a 5-9lb rig. Anyone have anything lying around?
  3. I love super-wides for handheld long-take shots. It's stabilization via the lens
  4. Short answer is; breathing is the slight zooming of the image that appears when pulling focus. Expensive lenses tend to have less breathing.
  5. Literally the greatest glass I will probably ever get my hands on. If someone releases a small camera with a 2/3inch HDR sensor these lenses will triple in price. I was told they have the clarity of Ultra Primes. Surprised someone out there hasn't tried designing speed-boosters specifically for the Digirpimes to go onto modern cameras.
  6. I already have both
  7. ...I just saw how cheap they are and now want to buy some to complete my own collection..... sorry..
  8. I have some if you're looking to buy.
  9. If we look into the raw definition of creativity, then yeah no way in hell do drugs make someone more creative. The world drugs expose you to will make one more of a divergent thinker, but that doesn't mean a whole lot if it isn't put towards a production.
  10. Hang out with people on drugs to increase creativity.
  11. I have a wooden 2x4 wall spreader, about 11.5ft wide. If it's going into dry-wall, what exactly is the weight limit before it begins to slip?
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if it's included in the initial contract, just like retakes.
  13. It can definitely make showing up to set much quicker if you get a call for a short notice gig.
  14. I mean starting off with that mentality early on can lead to clients/producers exploiting people for free labor under the guise of "oh well I never heard of you" or "oh you're not THAT good". Seen it a million times unfortunately.
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