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  1. This reads like blackmail
  2. Is there any way to do an HSL Qualifier so you could pinpoint the hue of the eye whites and shift them back away from the blue tone? Also I think the first shot looks pretty good, though I do see the problem far more with the second shot.
  3. Have been wanting to look into camera drones to throw into my arsenal for a year or two now but I can't tell what's prosumer and what actually produces an image quality cuttable with something like Blackmagic or similar dynamic ranged cameras. Are most people just buying drone rigs to put their pocket cameras in? Or is the usual practice buying a drone with the camera just built into it? What are some common models that are most popular for professional productions? Will they deliver impressive enough dynamic range for freedom in the grade? Lastly, how big of a learning curve is there to get a proper panning or zoom out shot from a drone? Thanks for any input, I'd look it up on Youtube but I trust the opinions of you guys more.
  4. This is the most blunt I have ever seen Dom and I've been here for 7 years.
  5. It's amazing how much Jennifer's Body has blown up in the culture lately, hope David is seeing the memes his work created!
  6. Hey all, In the last couple years I've been seeing the Panavision Primo Prime lenses come up for the technical credits of a lot of movies I watched back in the day. Was trying to get more info on them since they look incredible from the tests I've seen. There are many pieces of gear which get "Panavised" (Panavision Genesis is Sony F35 for example) and I was wondering if these lenses had a counterpart I was not familiar with which can be found on the used cinema lens market? Or if anyone knew of a prime set with very similar look and philosophy to the Panavision Primos? Would @Dom Jaegerbe the expert on this one? Thanks to anyone who can share their thoughts on this as always.
  7. Could it be they're sometimes using AI faces over stand-ins now for retakes? We've seen it with Paul Walker and Mark Hamill now, imagine how many other times these studios preferred to keep it under the rug.
  8. In your opinion what is the best tiny camera with a side-swivel screen and internal 4:2:2+ recording? Been on the hunt for like 5 years for one.
  9. Please update us with any drawbacks you experience with it
  10. Bump, still want to buy one. Though I noticed they have been selling for $4500-$5500 in the past year on eBay.
  11. Is there an effect on that photo or is LA that thickly shrouded in smog? lol
  12. Was looking for an info dump from a community that collectively has far more experience working on big sets with big crews than I do. I've worked on mostly sets with less than 4 camera/lighting/tech people collaborating at once, lot's of crew members taking on multiple jobs. Has anyone here who made the jump to working on those larger sets with 20+ crew members have any advice or info on the learning curve that presents despite being well read in cinematography and film production? Thanks.
  13. They finally made a camera that fills all of my workflow demands for a tiny camera (swivel screen, internal recording, etc) however I was wondering if anyone had experience with the footage of this camera? I read somewhere it has 14 stops of dynamic range but I was wondering how people felt about the color science of it? Haven't seen too many side-by-side shootouts with this camera and an Arri sensor. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1684244-REG/canon_5077c002_eos_r5_c_full_frame.html And does anyone know if that fan on the side gets ridiculously loud??? Thanks.
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