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  1. Please message me if you have a used one for sale solo. Thanks again!
  2. You got me curious so I looked around myself. These 2 pictures were okay in helping me understand how they take care of it. These BTS pictures were taken in similar eras. It appears many Tungstens were hung overhead and bounced downward. As well as some additional sources closer down to the talent's level, but still out of shot obviously. While the type of light might not necessarily need to be the same, you'll absolutely need a set with high ceiling.
  3. Update: Tried out, and returned, the Dracast 728 RGBW panel. It's color mode is maybe only effective up to about 4 feet away. After that loses serious punch. Also thanks for the RC RGB tip!
  4. Does anyone here find having a certain taste in fashion, or understanding a variety different fashion cultures, to be an essential part of mastering your style as a cinematographer or director? We mostly shoot people. People wear clothes. I understand there's a costume department, but can a cinematographer with an eye for it help flesh their skills out? If anyone has input or stories on this it'd be very appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the examples. There's a lot of stuff with light physics I try to be mindful of in my day-to-day life because I know it will assist in the realism of my visuals. Sometimes the most common everyday things are the hardest to vividly notice because we're so used to them. I suppose having the eye to break it down as it happens in real life is one of the crucial talents that makes a successful DP.
  6. I'm just trying to get the scientific understanding now. Is it to be assumed that the sunlight coming in from the other side is bouncing off the blue sky? or grass? Or is there math to light losing its saturation the more it's bounced?
  7. Are there any examples you have from jobs you could post with some explanation? It would probably help a lot of us. It's hard to wrap my head around cool shadows when there's such a strong warm source that could potentially create bounce in a similar tone.
  8. If you can throw a bit of CTO in there to warm up the light it couldn't hurt. You'll really find the look driven home in post when playing with the RGB curves and spot-saturation.
  9. Only 2 things in life are guaranteed: 1. Gravity 2. The question of "What camera should I use?" will be answered with 10 more questions.
  10. Sounds like a chance to try the Pocket4k? Maybe Sony F3 because they're dirt cheap now? I'm not sure of your minimal standards as far as compression goes.
  11. He's trying to be this flirtatious guy but it just comes off as acting. It probably has more to do with casting than anything, the voice throws it off.
  12. The male talent felt very out of his element. Also I understand they're supposed to be in 2 separate rooms, but the soundscape for the guy's webcam was mic'd too close without any reverb, ADR was very blatant.
  13. Has anyone used the Luxli Timpani or Dracast 728 RGBW LED panels?
  14. I saw some friends with programmable RGB light bulbs they just had in regular home sockets. I thought they were the greatest thing ever with the exception of their lumen output. Obviously the industry standard cinema version of these would be Arri Skypanels, but I feel like there's a middle ground somewhere I'm completely missing? If I want a brighter version of those programmable bulbs, or maybe just a cheaper version of a fully customizable color tone fixture, what would be the first things to look at? Thanks as always.
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