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  1. BUMP NEW PRICE $4,200 - buyer pays shipping
  2. 5th Element is one of the most cross-medium influential films of the last 25 years.
  3. Wanted to get a thread going of shots from films that either really impacted you creatively, show immense skill, or you just plain love. Will post mine later.
  4. I know there's the MD control, but is there specifically and Optical lowpass filter plug-in for Resolve? I know Darktable has one for working with raw stills. Or is MD control the same thing?
  5. Given there's production notes still on the cut, this might be too early in the process for anyone to for sure know what you're going for. On some of the shots it felt like there was intentional handheld shaking trying to be added, just let your hands naturally shake and the effect will happen nicely.
  6. If you can break the politics rule, we can break your rules.
  7. They could ink and sign it right in front of me, I'm still in total denial that I'll be getting a $1200 check in my mailbox. One thing the government loves is loopholes, just check out the 13th amendment!
  8. Let's be real though, no one has ever touted Singin' in the Rain as a brilliant work of screenwriting. The entire purpose of the picture is entertaining through music, choreography, and color. Also we're all guys posting on Cinematography.com here, of course we're going to notice the visuals, he's referring to the average film-goer or critic.
  9. 1 in 10 restaurants in China deep fry using gutter oil. They knew, they just really don't value human life as much as other cultures because they have so many people. If a school bus of children die in America it's on the news for months, in China it's a blip for a day and they move on.
  10. If I recall right I don't think people thought it was a very good camera even when it came out (it had ugly fixed pattern noise or something?) If the price tag is $400 which seems pretty below market, I'd just buy it and flip it on eBay for more cash to open up your options. Sensor size isn't super relevant to learning filmmaking, just shoot with what you have. I prefer Super35 above all other sensors though.
  11. ...What are we gonna do? We owe a trillion dollars to China, you get away with atrocities when your country produces for the rest of the world.
  12. Okay just hear me out, there are plenty of cameras that look better than a t4i, however I've yet to find a better overall easy-shoot minimalist camera than this cheap little toy. I genuinely would like to be proven wrong. Things the t4i did well: -Small and light weight -Big sensor -Swivel screen -Nice battery life (and cheap batteries) -Common recording media -Button and menu layout -Decent image noise suppression Things the t4i did poorly: -Internal H264 -Audio -Dynamic range Have there been plenty of cameras that have corrected everything in the red category? Absolutely. Have there been cameras which have corrected that category yet maintained the green features? ...That's what I'm trying to find out. The Pocket 6K is the closest I've seen. I'd love to shoot GH5 but the sensor is too small. Perhaps the FS7? Maybe there's a DSLR I'm overlooking? I'm sick of my big heavy cameras so any thoughts would be appreciated!
  13. I have a connect in China and he says it's like 90% true.
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