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The Mechanic, a 60 second documentary on the art of car restoration. Shot by me!

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Hey guys,

I'm a 24 year old Cinematographer living in Seven Sisters, London. I recently shot a film called The Mechanic. Its a 60 second doc about Bo Hare, a mechanic and engineer working in rural England, who finds pleasure in the restoration of classic cars.

Shot on a Blackmagic Ursa 4K with mixed tungsten and practical fluro lights, i'm a cinematographer, but I directed this as well as shot it. Drone shots on a DJI Inspire 3 Adv. Used vintage nikon AI-S primes to shoot everything, very much recommended if you are on a budget, tons of character, they flare beautifully.

There is going to be a longer version forthcoming, but this cut dives straight in to the character and is hopefully an intriguing minute!


Its for a competition running by Sony Europe where I could win a camera, so if you enjoyed it please like it on youtube..! :)

Feel free to shoot with any questions or thoughts!


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It’s not a documentary to me but rather something trying to promote something.

One minute is not much time. Why the dog? Why the front? Why the flight shots?

That time could have been the mechanic in action, doing other things besides welding.

I should have tried to keep a constant distance to the character, more or less, giving

the mechanic the space he needs to perform. You chopped him into pieces. Two or

three shots of him driving are superb, though.

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