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Main Theme for a fantasy movie

Nudist Elegan

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Hi there,


I spent the last days working on this little tune...




...a somewhat rhythmically driven (almost march-like) medieval/fantasy theme soundtrack theme. It's build upon a (hopefully) heroic melody and is intended to accompany the travel montage of a fantasy epic (game/film). If you have some handy tips, especially concerning the mix, please do not hesitate to share your insights. :)


Best regards




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It's good. The bulk of it sounds like a blend of the melodies in the "travel themes" from 'Conan the Barbarian' and 'LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring'. Retune the song to 432hz. There are plugins for that task. What you will find is that it "resonates" with the listener on a deeper level. Combine unconventional instruments with Western classical compositions. Try tuning a guzheng(Chinese zither) to "drop D" tuning and mixing it into an alternating cello coda. Take an orchestral gong and filter all sound above 600hz and sprinkle it in for ominous moments. I like the direction that you are starting in, I think it could benefit from creative tuning and filtering to make sound less "electronic-made in a computer. One more thing. Use the stereo field/surround depth - the same way a cinematographer/photographer uses selective focus in an image. Have fun with panning instruments. Remember, it's fantasy. Let's go on a quest!!! :)

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Hey, thanks for your replies, really appreciate it. :) Since I wasn't entirely satisfied with the MIDI-based recording of my orchestral version I transcribed it for solo piano. I tried to stay as true as possible to the original orchestral version, especially in keeping the bass ostinato as well as the off-beat fills for pizzicato strings beneath the melody vocings. Maybe one or two of you here find it interesting to watch all the different voices in action. Hope you'll enjoy.



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At last, here is the complete film excerpt, to which this piece as well as two more cues were originally written:


The film itself is obviously very trashy and extremely LOW-BUDGET (shot in 2005 with a discounter camcorder), but I was primarily interested in the opportunity to finally write film music in the musically incredibly rewarding fantasy genre.
Hope you'll enjoy it! :)

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