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CANON T2i and Lilliput monitor causing camera to not work!!!!!!!!!!

Sean DelGatto

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I resolved the issue with the camera blinking the monitor, apparently you change it from HDMI to DVI.


Second problem, and more severe, is an issue where the camera will not turn back on.


So here is what happens. We shoot, and when we take a break, I turn the camera and the Lilliput off. When I go to turn it back on, I here the mirrored shutter open, I turn on the Lilliput, and the Camera doesn't respond, no signal goes to the monitor, nothing. The only thing I could do is, pull out the battery, and try again. I almost wanna just Turn on the camera first, wait a while, then turn on the monitor. Has anyone had this issue. I need to solve this ASAP.


I just was called last minute to shoot a project. Got towards the end of the shoot when I started having these issues. Luckily that was done, but in two weeks I got another shoot for the entire month, as well as the following two months.


Please let me know, I'm anxious to hear more about this issue.



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Hi Sean,


Sorry no one responded, hopefully the shoot is going well.


Canon DSLR's tend to have issues communicating with external monitors via HDMI. I've run into it numerous times on my 5DII and 5DIII.


Unfortunately, there's no way around it other than what you described above.


What I like to do is, when breaking for lunch/next set up, turn off the camera and monitor. Then I boot the camera up and get an image on the little screen. After that, I boot up my external monitor. Usually works well, but the Liliput and Marshall monitors don't play well with the Canon HDMI signal.


Hope this helps!

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That's what I was afraid of. I avoid using the monitor with my Canon, and I think from here on out I'm just going to avoid Canon products.

This will be the last project I shoot on this camera.

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I wouldn't avoid Canon products; the C100/300/500/700 and 1DC are excellent cameras. The problem is that the T2i wasn't designed for what you're needing it to do.


Sorry to hear you're having a rough time with it!

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Na no problem, the only reason I'm shooting on Digital at all is cause the funds for Filming on my S16MM Camera didn't come within the time frame I was hoping. So this was just a fall back to camera, and will use those funds instead for promotion and theatrical exhibition.

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