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  1. I'd say the Asteras are as close to the Quasars in terms of output. They obviously blow them out of the water in terms of RGB haha I know with Asteras, the maximum output is dependent on the battery life setting you choose. The longer you want the light to run on battery, the lower the maximum output.
  2. I think we strung together 8 of them for a litemat 1? It was, oh man, almost five years ago now. 🤯
  3. California! For those filing for unemployment in, those already receiving unemployment, and those who are no longer unemployed (yay!): Remember that any money you received from unemployment insurance is considered as income and you will have to pay taxes on that when you file in 2021 (for 2020). What has worked for me is to save 30% of what you've received. Of course, times are hard so you can save that 30% LATER, but just remember how much you need to save for when taxes are due. The tax form you will receive is called a 1099G and it will have the total amount you've received. You can elect to have the taxes taken out ahead of time when signing up, but a lot of people (myself included) miss this step.
  4. I've found, on the low budget side, that lighting the environment and minimally lighting the coverage works great. For example, we set the look of the scene in the wide shot: street light through a window and practical lamps. On the coverage or close ups, we basically change just the key light by either making it softer, different position, etc. It's always case by case, but in general the key light is moving.
  5. Block batteries are going to be your best bet for consistency, build quality, and connectivity. I've used a string of AA batteries to power a Litemat, but it wouldn't last too long.
  6. Great question! I created a news topic in this section that addresses what the US Government (federal and state level) are doing for non-union members: In the comments of the aforementioned thread are questions and answers regarding unemployment in the US for freelancers. Additionally, for mutual aid efforts, resource, etc, here are a few: https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1uP49OQGhosfBN4BOYQvyy_Mu3mpCSOYzip13LksC-S8/mobilebasic?mc_cid=009585bee3&mc_eid=a9df1595df#h.ep6ylhlannkh https://creative-capital.org/2020/03/13/list-of-arts-resources-during-the-covid-19-outbreak/?mc_cid=009585bee3&mc_eid=a9df1595df https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1Rcan4C_e6OBFBI5bUn7MtYK74Ab-WarxyJmDvZUI_YA/mobilebasic?fbclid=IwAR0VHJvbOANXp4E9nyYWsq6DowjHkLkhA9QqHIc4dquUjbP2k_3J9qQly5U&mc_cid=009585bee3&mc_eid=a9df1595df
  7. Glad I could help! We're all in this together and information changes by the day. I'll keep sharing what I find out when it comes to financial support people in the film industry. 🙂
  8. Max, given your budget, a used GH5 will do you wonders! Here's a feature I shot it on: http://www.ajyoungdp.com/mandao And a short I shot it on: http://www.ajyoungdp.com/aftermath It's also incredibly affordable! I recommend making sure you get one that has vLog enabled so you can start to mess around with shooting in logarithmic profiles.
  9. Here is the actual press release from the IRS: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/tax-day-now-july-15-treasury-irs-extend-filing-deadline-and-federal-tax-payments-regardless-of-amount-owed In regards to Unemployment Insurance, what qualifies as losing employment is defined in the law (LINK) The three bolded items directly apply to nearly everyone in the film industry. In terms of your short that you lost (sorry, by the way), you at least have the text message that the project has been canceled. Though nothing was agreed on payment, you can reference your historical wages for similar gigs via prior invoices, tax returns, etc. Regardless of how much you would've been paid, the federal government will give you $600 a week so long as you can continue to show that you are unemployed and actively looking for work. In my prior experience with California Unemployment, you actually receive a call from the Employment Development Department to discuss your eligibility; this is where I've been able to explain my situation and how the film industry operates when it comes to hiring and turnover. If you have an employer who hasn't paid through their payroll because it isn't operational, then you should contact the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and explain that your employer is not paying you on the regularly scheduled paydays. Failure to pay you within the California Labor Code is a misdemeanor. If a company hasn't fulfilled an invoice to you, then I recommend keeping in as much contact with them as possible, particularly the accounting department and project manager you've been working with. The Freelancers Union has an excellent resource for client nonpayment. If this issue still can not be resolved, then you may have to go through small claims court, but at this point you may need to get a lawyer involved. In terms of a rental business, showing historical data isn't too difficult if you've already got a paper trail with your insurance company. However, if your rental business isn't established as a company and does not file taxes as a company, then it is considered part of your individual income and won't increase your amount of unemployment from the federal government (it's max $600/week). If you do have a legally formed business and are seeking funds to fulfill payroll, pay bills, etc, then I recommend visiting the US Chamber of Commerce's Coronavirus Small Business Guide. A landlord has no legal jurisdiction over the government checks. Landlords are legally owed rent payments and banning evictions for a short period of time doesn't mean rents for those months are no longer owed; banning the evictions gives renters time to gather funds to meet their financial obligations to pay rent while they wait for the unemployment and stimulus checks. Eviction laws vary by state and unpaid rent is the biggest grounds for eviction. However, it's becoming clear (in CA) that late payment during the COVID-19 economic crisis will not qualify for eviction so long as the rent is paid eventually in a reasonable amount of time. Only law enforcement can enforce evictions and, in California, Governor Gavin Newsom has banned evictions and the enforcement thereof. LINK I hope these links and resources help you during this tough time! We're all in this together.
  10. Since we all have free time on our hands, now is perfect to polish up our websites. Would anyone like to share some good examples of cinematographer websites? What do should we look for? What is good, bad, etc?
  11. Again, please keep opinions out of this thread. There should only be information and links shared here regarding help for cinematographers during the COVID-19 economic crisis. The stimulus bill expands Unemployment Insurance to cover self-employed individuals. Depending on the individual State's Unemployment system, how you prove which job(s) you've lost varies. Some may have been given a verbal lay off (ie the producers told everyone in person that the show is being canceled), some may have it in writing (email from producers saying show is canceled), and others may just have no calls coming in (in this case, citing industry news sources and showing history of work compared to today can indicate the unemployment). Regardless, the bill directly says that self-employed individuals are covered under the federal expansion of Unemployment Insurance. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/748/text#H97CF349D361342F895E939CF0579F8A0 https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/748/text#H94475F15C4074D4388A3AA2FA6EAC731 For 2019, the tax deadline has been pushed to July 15th. One can file their 2019 taxes to use for the stimulus bill, but they are not required to pay the 2019 taxes until the July 15th deadline. If one hasn't filed their 2018 taxes yet, then they should do so now. However, the above 2019 tax deadline changes do not apply to 2018 taxes and the individual will most likely have to pay what is owed in taxes plus whatever penalties apply. The text of the law (H.R. 748) does not directly say that 2018 taxes must be paid before receiving any benefits of this legislation. It's generally assumed by all that one must pay all taxes eventually; if an individual wants to receive tax-payer money, they should be paying their taxes. Some states, counties, and cities across the country are banning evictions, some banks are allowing deferrals on mortgages/loans, and the Dept. of Education has suspended payments to federal student loans until 9/30/2020. These short term measures are being put into place to soften the financial burden Americans have until the relief comes. None of this means that those payments disappear; like the tax deadline, they're just pushed back until later. A mortgage or student loan will simply end later than expected, for example.
  12. From NPR: https://www.npr.org/2020/03/27/822062909/house-aims-to-send-2-trillion-rescue-package-to-president-to-stem-coronavirus-cr From NPR: https://www.npr.org/2020/03/26/821457551/whats-inside-the-senate-s-2-trillion-coronavirus-aid-package I'm sharing these two bits of news because a few key portions of the stimulus bill apply to freelancers in the film industry: For those who own small businesses in the film industry (ie: rentals, post, etc): I'll share what I find about how to get help from the government as the information arrives in this thread. In the mean time, can we keep this thread clear of discussion? Anyone can contribute helpful links in regards to the bill, but let's keep this as thread as a resource for fellow DP's who have been effected by COVID19.
  13. Yes, but NPR doesn't sensationalize. NPR is the news organization that is routinely mocked for how dry, calm, and boring it is. You and Max need to see the writing on the wall that this is a serious situation. Obviously people can't be quarantined away from work for two years, which is why (in the US), Congress is quickly trying to pass a stimulus package. There will be far worse problems if we end the lockdown too soon. That's our, the scientific community, and economist's argument. But you're right, we can't change opinions here. Let's round back in a year and see where we are.
  14. Yeah, NPR is definitely known for its "if it bleeds, it leads" news culture. I learned, from this chart, that COVID-19 has a 4.3% mortality rate. At 1 million people, that's 43,000. At 10 million: 430,000. At 1 billion: 43,000,000.
  15. From NPR: "Data from China shows that each coronavirus case seems to infect around 2 to 2.5 additional people. That's higher than flu. The average patient spreads the flu virus to about 1.3 others." Sickness spreads exponentially. Exponentials, by the way, is the math we talk about all the time here. Here are a few more highlights from the NPR article: But sure, don't be scared. It's just the flu, right? Why are you picking this as your hill to die on? (no pun intended)
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