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Just created a Youtube channel on digital cameras

Tom Yanowitz

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Hello everyone!



A bit of shameless self-promotion here but it's closely related to this forum so I guess that's ok.


I created a new youtube channel where I will try to study the technical side of cinematography under a 50% engineering 50% cinematography angle.


I already uploaded a first batch of videos dealing with Dynamic Range.



Any comment, good or bad, advice, outrage... is welcomed ! I love heated debates.



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Just watched all 3, I really enjoyed them.


Now I came in understanding how this all worked, but I can see how someone who didn't understand, would be very confused.


I teach high school and college level filmmaking classes, I also produce quite a bit of educational content. One thing I've learned is that you've gotta play to both: the people who are coming in without any knowledge and the people who are coming in with a lot. This is very easy to do with a different type of simpler graphic that is less text based and more picture based.


For instance, showing a picture of a lens, imager, integrated circuit and final output, with grey scale on both sides, to show people what the difference is between reality and how the electronics interpret the image. Also explaining how ISO works with digital cameras is also critical. You touched on it at the very tail of video 3, but it wasn't enough. You never flat-out said that digital cameras don't have a real ISO, that it's all how the data is interpreted. That is the kind of stuff that people really need to hear and understand.


In the end, I think it's a good beginning and for a technical person who may be unfamiliar with digital cameras, it will work. It's just, most technical people aren't watching youtube, they read books. :)

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Thanks Tyler !


Indeed it was supposed to be in book form in the beginning (starting with my end of studies essay) but I thought I might potentially reach people more easily though 10 or so minutes videos.


There will be a specific video on ISO of course :) !


I'll try to make more digestible visuals in the future for sure.

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