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  1. Have you seen, "Five Came Back" on Netflix? You probably already know the story, I knew bits and pieces, but to see it all assembled, really shows how some of these guys, Ford included, because alcoholics and insecure about his career. Where I was never a fan of his movies in general, boy did he manage to make a bunch of great ones.
  2. DFT sells new machines, I think they are a million dollars or something like that. Same design, just updated.
  3. Oh they are amazing machines, the fact they work is beyond belief. If you saw it up close, you'd drop your jaw, it's bigger than a forklift! It has drawers underneath full of memory buffers and controls for the high voltage lamp. The back opens up and is full of optical components and the beam splitter line imager assembly. It's very complicated and honestly, having worked with it a lot, they do work amazingly... when they work. God help ya if a lamp blows up or there is a power surge. You're rolling it to the curb and hoping someone grabs it lol 😛 I believe there is a slight vacuum on
  4. Well, yea of course but everyone see's the recessions coming. During a reason the prices go up is because the value of the currency you're using to purchase has gone down. Also during a recession, you see peaks due to wealth preservation. They buy low and sell when it peaks out and the recession is over. It's no different then as you said, buying futures and making a gamble. A smart person will know these things and predict recessions and buy a lot more than they need early on.
  5. Here is silver. Draw a line from 2005 to the far end of this graph. Then do the math on inflation during that same time period. You'll see silver prices follow inflation (outside of recessions 2008 and 2011). So in 2005 the price was $6 and by 2015 it was $16. That's a $10 change in 10 years. Obviously today we're in a recession, so yea it's not a good time to buy silver. Here is gold, slightly less detailed graph, but you can see it does not follow inflation what so ever. This is because the demand for gold is less stable. Golds value is more speculative rather than driven by demand lik
  6. Really, you wanna talk precious metals with someone who has their entire life savings in that market? Please.
  7. I've never had a single problem with Resolve encoding. I think a lot of problems come from licensed and unlicensed versions of Resolve. It also depends a lot on your GPU. The media engine on older GPU's kinda sucks and Resolve is heavily GPU dependent. There are so many variables from two pass encoding to bit rate of course. I have a resolve license, I use Apple products with modern AMD GPU's. The output is always stellar, no way it could be any better. This is a "default" output from Resolve, .h264 DCI-P3 color space and true DCI 4k format. You can even see the film grain, it looks great!
  8. Way out of date. The problem with machines like this, is that they don't just work when you plug them in. These machines need calibration and you can't do that yourself. It requires a professional tech to be hired and that can cost thousands of dollars. Plus it weighs 1400lb probably, so good luck moving it around. They also require high pressure air like the Spirits do. So you have to come up with a triple filtered air solution, which is expensive and the computer to run the thing, well yea... good luck getting that to work. It doesn't just run on a modern windows program. Sure, you can threa
  9. I hope you're referring to the caches not the Davinci Resolve folder. But yes you can try throwing the caches away (not deleting them) and making sure the project still opens, that's what I do when I don't know. You can always bring it back from the trash/recycle bin if you want.
  10. Now this is a good subject! 😉 I guess what I was trying to say is that low budget digital productions are getting far more traction today than in the past. So the concept that you need to have a huge crew in order to make a decent movie, that makes money, has kinda gone by the wayside. So as a consequence, you don't really need a union crew like you have needed to in the past, thanks to digital. It's a lot harder to make mistakes with digital, you have to actually have no skills and/or not be paying attention. I can count on one hand how many shots have been out of focus on my digital shows
  11. Yes Yes! very good point, it would include their hardware.
  12. Yea and nobody was working unless they were in a union. Today I have friends in their twenties with $80k worth of equipment who are making $3k a day and have never once been on a union show.
  13. Yes Yes, during the recession the prices went crazy. If you look at non-recession periods, silver has followed inflation very closely, even with those substantial fluctuation.
  14. MPEG GPU encoding is different quality than CPU encoding. Resolve does a better job over-all in my opinion.
  15. In the past of course, but these days, we all have to come up with money to shoot on film.
  16. The democratization is the problem. I talked about this over a decade ago and sadly, I was right about the future, pretty much spot on. The problem is that when you democratize anything, if "everyone" can do it suddenly, then what separates the professionals from the beginners is a much narrower window. I've seen some beginner productions that rival professional productions from the 70's and earlier. There are no boundaries to producing content anymore and henceforth, everyone with a modicum of YouTube experience, can get to work making their own shows that not only look good, but can also sou
  17. You would think so, but man do so many people do it. There is a lot of on-location hands on training going on with rookies.
  18. It should be fine. We ship film all over the country on a regular basis and haven't had a lick of problems related to shipping. The days of those problems happening are behind us. Simply write on the box "unexposed film do not x-ray" and you should be fine.
  19. There was a spike for sure, but seeing as that last spike was during the recession and this current spike is also during a recession, I guess the prices have fluctuated more than I remember hahahaha 😛 I miss the stable times :sigh: But it shouldn't really matter too much, over the long haul, silver is still pretty stable outside of the peaks during recessions.
  20. Sliver has been very stable, it hasn't budged more than a few dollars in decades. We actually moving over to it and gold as our savings because precious metals will probably be more consistent than the dollar in the future.
  21. Exactly and my quote was "film" not motion picture. Remember, insta cameras are ALL photochemical and there are literally hundreds of millions of them in the world. For gosh sakes Walmart, Target, Best Buy, they all sell insta cameras AND FILM to go along with them. So no... "FILM" is not a niche market. Perhaps one could call motion picture film niche, but reality is, the entire professional industry is niche compared to smartphone cameras. So when one says "niche" are they referring to people who shoot with Alexa's or are they referencing people who shoot anything with a video camera.
  22. I mean yea, this happens at all levels in the entertainment industry.
  23. Sounds like ya figured it out. Yea it's hard on the low-res jpegs, can't really see enough detail to fully get a good picture. I'm shocked it was the cheap LED's, I've used them a lot and never had that sort of a problem. Very very very odd.
  24. You for sure want to try and convert the camera to PL. Its not easy, there are only a few mounts around, but it would be handy for the future. Great lens tho!
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