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  1. The fun part is watching the projector consume the film right before your eyes. 4 perf 35mm moves very fast through the projector. 🙂
  2. I use modern FF lenses on my 16mm package all the time, they work great.
  3. Not useless, just double the cost of what you need to be paying. Only a few have composite video on them as well, so that kind limits what you can buy.
  4. I use the older style Transvideo monitors because they're cheap to buy used and since you don't need HD, then why pay for that extra tech? The Rainbow II monitors are pretty decent.
  5. I just watched the film for the first time and wow was it a wild ride. I really love the cinematography and was surprised how good the acting was. The score was also really nice and production value was top notch. I'm sad the film was bizarre with such an odd twist, but my boyfriend said the story has some truth to it. So I guess it was in the imagination of the filmmakers. Technically it was utterly brilliant, I love to see films that have such talent behind the camera.
  6. I just watched the lighthouse last night, I would vote for that when it comes to best cinematography.
  7. Well, the fact it doesn't appeal to you is exactly the issue. You should watch it before founding an opinion about it and the counter culture of being politically correct.
  8. Can you tell me where to buy? I need a dozen for sure. I have 10 mags that need servicing! The website has no links or further information on how to purchase and everyone needs belts! thanks
  9. I really liked 1917, it's not politically charged like so many war films, but it's just a moment in a given war, which I like. Story is simple, characters are pretty detailed and of course it was well made. I wouldn't be surprised if it wins best director and best film. Is it the best film of 2019? nope... but it's in the top 10 for sure. Having seen most of everything that's nominated, I can say for the record, I don't think anything else fires on so many cylinders. I'd say Joker, but it has too much social unacceptable violence and I can't imagine it winning for that reason alone. Everything else had too many issues so that's why I think it will default to 1917 this year.
  10. Being an IMAX buff, sadly the Melbourne IMAX has removed their 15/70 projector. They've taken up the entire booth with digital laser projection. It's a travesty as that was the last truly great theater in the world. I think IMAX is taking back projectors that were on lease with them. The only 70mm theaters left either OWN the projectors OR someone has bought them, like Warner brothers did for Christopher Nolan and they put the projector at the AMC Citywalk theater here in Studio City CA. That IS the last 15/70 theater in CA, now that San Jose moved to digital last year.
  11. 35mm format lenses work fine on 16mm. Obviously you aren't going to be getting a super speed 9.5mm lens for super 16, which is a pretty standard focal length for that format, but way too wide for 35mm. However, most 35mm lens kits start at 16mm anyway, you can even get down to 12mm. So you don't really NEED 16mm glass, especially with newer lenses which are crisper than older lenses.
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