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  1. No idea, I only care about PL since my cameras are ALL PL mount. So I assume they'll be PL or I wouldn't be paying attention to them.
  2. Oh there are some very cool lenses coming soon! Atlas is going to be making 1.33x anamorphic soon and I believe some Chinese companies are as well.
  3. Yep! Make up a bunch of bullshit by hiring people who share the same viewpoint you do and hire actors to fill in the missing details. His films are like watching Borat, only it's not suppose to be a joke.
  4. It's always frightening when clearly fictional propaganda pieces are sold as "documentaries" to gain traction with agenda supporters. This guy is currently the most successful documentary filmmaker in the US when you count the amount of money his books and films have made. When there are far better, "real" documentaries on the same subjects, which tell the truth. That's what documentary is suppose to be about, it has a defined definition. His propaganda is designed to infiltrate the genre for "educated people" with fictional product, which dilutes the very concept of documentary in the first place. I mean the guy is also a whack job. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinesh_D'Souza
  5. Do you know if Aaton LTR magazines are comparable with XTRs? 

  6. I talked to Pierre last year, he said they didn't have anything.
  7. Can you send a video? I'd love to see the frame line in motion.
  8. Oh my short extension viewfinders are fine, yours must just need a re-build. They're not difficult to go through, but they do work fine.
  9. The 15mm rods are 3/4 thread, so you can use any aftermarket rods and simply make a small recess in them right where the threads stop so they will fit into the recess on the front mount. Wooden hand grips are on ebay all the time, so just keep an eye out. One just sold recently without a on off switch for a few hundred dollars. There is nothing special about the original one vs aftermarket if you don't need an on-off switch. 1.85:1 ground glass is impossible. I've been looking for one for years. You'd have to get someone to make one for ya. I got the fancy extension viewfinder and ya know what? It doesn't have the stupid zoom! The knob on it is a diopter not a zoom. So the zoom one is VERY rare I guess. I've been trying to find one for years and haven't been able to.
  10. Looks like California will re-open Friday June 12th! Production is slated to start around the same time. If that's the truth, that would be pretty good.
  11. Pro Res is a "variable bitrate codec". So it will vary on how much data is needs to be encoded.
  12. Resolve works in progressive. It's part of the reason why people struggle to get MPEG TS streams for broadcast out of resolve. It just can't do interlaced.
  13. I believe this is the batch I bought in 2018.
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