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Lighting setup question

Matt Rozier

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Hi guys n girls,

I've a shoot coming up where I'm looking to create a look similar to these sorts of shots, something that feels very unlit, but with nice soft light, and just wanted to throw it out to the group to see whether there was any great suggestions for how to achieve this kind of look or whether anyone had any thoughts as to pitfalls I should be aware of. We'll be shooting on the Alexa on Cooke Anamorphics, and I'm planning on using plenty of haze (settled so that we're not seeing the movement of it), then using motivated window light (either natural light or HMIs), alongside a bounced HMI - a jokerbug 800 or similar perhaps off the ceiling or wall to give us a small amount of ambient and then bringing in other bounce sources and neg fill for when we get into mids and CUs. I'm not really looking for the light shaft thing with the haze - although I'm not opposed to it - it's more about getting layers in the image. Oh and it'll be the first time I've used Cooke Anamorphics too having only used anamorphic adapters in the past - so if there's any issues you imagine might rear their head it'd be great to know - I know for example that longer focal lengths through haze aren't a good idea because of the compression - but if there's anything else you think it'd be useful to think about it'd be great to hear ! :-) I'm guessing it's best to expose a little higher than we're intended to finish and to bring it down in the grade rather than in camera so that there's less noise (and flexibility if the client decides that we need to see more detail)? I just love the hive mind here and would welcome any thoughts, suggestions or advice. Huge thanks in advance.







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