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Light Meters Sekonic L-478D-U vs L-858D-U

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Hi, I have been using for the past few years been using my Sekonic 508. (not the cine version) and want to upgrade.


I am looking at the Sekonic L-478D-U with a 5 Degree Spot Viewfinder adapter and the new Sekonic L-858D-U.


Besides having the built in 1-4 degree spot viewfinder what would also be a crucial reasoning to spend the extra $200-300 more for the Sekonic L-858D-U?


Would not having the ability to do 1-4 degree spot and be stuck at 5 degrees be a deal breaker? How often do you need the 1-4 degree spot?

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I constantly use 1 degree spot to get isolated readings of specific textures or details. Also helps to separately meter lit and shadowed sides of faces.

With a 5 degree lens you're often doing what's called "integrated metering" i.e. taking average from highlights, half-shadows, etc, which kind of defeats the purpose of spot metering - the precise control of contrast. You can get closer to the subject to meter a smaller area but that slows you down and once again defeats the purpose - spot readings are usually best done from camera position as they're all about reflected light.

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