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  1. Easier does not mean faster. For instance look at my aputure 300x lights in the photos above. There not as fast or easy to setup or as 650 or 1k tungsten. More pieces to put together and keep track of. But they are easier to use because they don't get hot and burn you. They don't use up as much electricity and can have more options with bi color and dimming with out needing to use gels and scrims and risk burning yourself. When packing up or moving them around they are not hot and you do not have to wait around to let them cool down. One aspect can be slower or little more complex t
  2. I never claimed it was faster. Where did you get that from? It takes maybe a min longer than setting up two c stand and two floppy's. You can fit wag flags easier in a car and small vans than 4x4 floppy's and can use one c stand over two. The goal was to create less foot print in smaller spaces, less weight and gear needed to be moved around. It's pretty straight forward, baby pin and a gag. I don't think a crew will get so confused by it. Also the wag flags I can adust the height by rolling it up 6in sections. I can take off the fabric of a third wag flags frame and throw it on top
  3. I looked at that but the double handle get in the way of the two wag flags.
  4. I made this part. I couldn't find anything like it so I modified a Matthews Matth Gag to have a baby pin. Does anyone know if a grip item like this is being sold? Made it specifically for my new set up I have been working on with two modified 4x8 Ultra Bounce wag flags to work on one c-stand. I can use two modified wag flags closely together and have a compact set up alternative for 4x8 foam boards, cove lighting, and book lights while being more compact, easier to transport and setup in smaller spaces. Got 4 of these 4x8 wag flags made from canvas grip but had to cut the sewn side and
  5. Thanks. I bought some disposal 108x54 black table cloths off amazon. Tested them out on my ceiling that has a super glossy popcorn celling and the worst for painters or gaffer tape to stick to. But got it to work, the table cloths are lite enough along with really digging in the painter tape into the popcorn celling to hold. It has been holding all day. My spot meter was getting 1/4 to 1/5 of the amount of light bounced off the white ceiling. Yeah not as good as Duvetine for negative fill but for the scenarios I need this for it will be extremely helpful.
  6. What is an effective way to black out celling's in houses and apartments where space is not available to rigging over head frame. Want to be able to reduce bounce from glossy painted white ceilings.
  7. Need to make another correction to that misconception. The sensors sizes are the same for photo. But video capture area of the sensor are completely different sizes. This video explains the difference. The GH5S captures the full width of the sensor while GH5 crops into the sensors so for video mode smaller sensor area.
  8. Go with the GH5S if strictly for video. I have two and use them constantly. I also use them without batting eye along side my Red Gemini when a smaller camera is needed and with proper coloring or filmconvert couldn't even spot the difference unless you were really looking for it. Also if you get the Metabones T Speed Booster XL 0.64x combined with GH5S bigger sensor to the GH5 gets youre very close to the Red Gemini sensor size 1.149 crop factor in DCI 4k. Which is in between super 35 and full frame. Skintone and low light noise level is much better than the GH5 which I had for short period b
  9. I found the power supplies litegear is using for for the 200w range for S2. As I suspected they use off the shelf Meanwell power supplies. The Plus series they have custom built. https://www.meanwell.com/webapp/product/search.aspx?prod=GST280A https://www.litegear.com/product/power-supply-12v-dc-16-amp/ Now I just need a cheaper dimming option that reliable.
  10. Looking for something cheaper for DIY. There prices are to high for DIY projects. If I am going to spend that much I would just go the full way and buy a litemat plus.
  11. Not high enough wattage, not bi-color and his dimmer would cause flicker at higher fps and different shutter angles. Looking for something off the shelf but can handle that thoes requirements.
  12. While I have down time I have been interested in making my own LiteMat plus 4. I can get led strips, Corrugated plastic sheets, and Velcro. I got all that down. But I need help if finding a power supply and bi color controller that will handle like 200w and not flicker at higher frame rates when dimmed. Anyone have experience with this? I know I can buy litemat power supplies and controllers but thats way to expensive for this project and at that point would just buy a litemat plus 4 defeating this whole exercise.
  13. Hi I have been debating about buying a used HMI light for my small grip truck. Right now I have bunch of aputure led lights, Qusar tubes and Tungsten lights. I am based in Los Angeles and can rent them for 100-250 a day. But does any one have thoughts if this is a good deal and worthy investment. https://www.usedlighting.com/19692/arri-arrisun-1200w-plus-hmi-par-kit?ref=products.categories Arri Arrisun 1200W Plus HMI Par Kit for $2700 after shipping and tax. They do not say how old or how much they have been used. But offer 180 day warranty. My concern is how long will it last
  14. Hi does anyone know a good A19 style led bulbs to use on set? I have been waiting for Quasar to re-release their bulbs for a long time now. https://www.quasarscience.com/products/a-led-light-bulb?variant=23017389752378 I saw a add for these recently, https://store.waveformlighting.com/products/filmgrade-flicker-free-a19-led-bulb?variant=16011564089446 but have never heard of this brand and cant find much info on them. Also there not dimable. Many times I need to use daylight bulbs in practical lambs but cant find decent daylight one. Or need to dim them with out changing color tempe
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