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Recommendations on Projector Specs for forward projection music video?

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The goal is to recreate the classic/cheesy effect of driving in a stationary car but projecting a moving background environment behind the car so it looks like he's driving.



I'm going to shine a projector on a white cyc wall behind the car and do mainly frontal shots. Any reccomendations on specifically which projector I should rent for this? Model name? If not, approx. how many lumens should the projector be to match the brightness of the background in the photo above?


I'm sure rear projection through some type of glass is what's normally used, but I dont believe we will have access to something like that at the white cyc studio. Also any tips?


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Your reference looks similar to what I did for "The Love Witch":


You can read about the shoot here:



I used a 15,000 lumens LCD projector rented from VER in Burbank. Also rented a rear-projection screen that was about 15'x8'. I was using 250D stock (since the projector lamp is daylight-balanced) rated at 200 ASA and was able to shoot at an f/2.0, which with an 800 ASA digital camera, would give you an f/4.


The RP material was more of a shower curtain frosted plastic similar to Silent Frost.


You need to take into account the projector throw distance, I had the projector about 10' behind the screen.

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