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For Sale: Set of Asahi Takumar Lenses.

Stuart Brereton

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Hey All,


I've decided to sell my set of M42 mount Asahi Takumar Lenses.


Set includes:


35mm f2 Super Multi Coated

35mm f3.5 Super Takumar (with Case)

50mm f1.4 Super Multi Coated (De Clicked aperture)

85mm f1.9 Super Takumar

105mm f2.8 Super Takumar (with case)

135mm f2.5 Super Multi Coated

150mm f4 Super Takumar

200mm f4 Super Multi Coated (with case)


I also have a Vivitar 28mm f2.5 which rounds out the set.


Also included are two M42 to EF mount adapters, one of which has focus confirmation.


PM me for photos and more info if interested

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