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Kodak Ektachrome 100D Double Super-8 DS-8 122 meter / 400 feet

Andries Molenaar

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Kodak Ektachrome 100D Double Super-8 DS-8 122 meter / 400 feet


Kodak Ektachrome 100D Double Super-8
16/8 2R
122 meter / 400 feet
Kodak 7285
CAT 186 1681

One metal can, never opened, from cooled storage.

NOT homebrew DIY. Kodak original perforation in Kodak packaging.


Bought it for a project from USA, self imported. It is now in Europe. Save on duties while it is here.
This can never made it into the project and I don't expect any use in the short or long term.


Nice to expose in DS-8 camera like Elmo Filmatic of Canon Scoopic for maximum sharpness or slit it into two strands and use these to fill 16 pieces of loadable Super-8 cartridges.

Over 50 minutes of running time at 18fps!


You can have it easily have it processes at any ciné lab which does E-6


Now selling it at USD $790 or EURO equivalent


I have images of the offered can, the website is very limited on storage.


IBAN banking preferred

Paypal available at +3%

I have an over 700 eBay positive feedback


Rolls of 400ft of single strand meterware Super-8 was offered at Euro 400

http://www.filmvorfu...ektachrome +400

And sold out quickly...

No to forget the USA based 20 cartridge cases at $1900

or 2 cartridges at $170


Excerpts from Kodak Datasheet


KODAK EKTACHROME 100D Color Reversal Film 5285 /
7285 is a 100-speed, high-color reversal motion picture camera film intended for
photography under daylight illumination (5500K). It offers strikingly saturated color
performance while maintaining a neutral gray scale and accurate flesh reproduction.
5285/7285 Film has exceptional sharpness that is unsurpassed by any other 100-sp
eed reversal film, and its grain performance is excellent. This film also offers very
strong reciprocity uniformity and keeping stability. This film offers outstanding results in outdoor and
studio applications where strong color saturation is desired. It is excellent
for advertising, nature cinematography, documentaries, music videos, and is
especially good for telecine transfers and television filming.

Acetate safety base.

Daylight (5500K): 100
Tu n g s t e n ( 3 2 0 0 K ) : 25 (with 80A filter)
Use these indexes with incident- or reflected-light
exposure meters and cameras marked for ISO or ASA
speeds or exposure indexes. These indexes apply for
meter readings of average subjects made from the camera
position or for readings ma
de from a gray card of
18-percent reflectance held close to and in front of the
subject. For unusually light-
or dark-colored subjects,
decrease or increase the exposure indicated by the meter

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