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ITCH - film (F55, DaVinci)

Dennis Hingsberg

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Had a lot of fun as co-producer, DP and colorist on this short film titled ITCH!
Synopsis: A man with an uncontrollable ITCH on his hand goes through increasingly extreme measures to get rid of it.
Writer/Director: Sean Patrick Kelly
Producers: Dennis Hingsberg, Sean Patrick Kelly
Editor: Jonathan Chiovitti
Music score: Everett Dungeon
Colorist: Dennis Hingsberg
As mentioned, I was the producer, DP, and colorist on this short film (runtime 4 minutes) and it was shot on the Sony PMW-F55 in 16-bit 4K RAW. It was colored in DaVinci Resolve on my custom built Mac using the AVID Artist surface controller and a Flanders Scientific CM171 monitor.
There's also a fan page with a ton of behind the scenes photos and funny stuff if anyone is interested, or wants to like the fan page for future updates: clear.png


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