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Which lens mount is this?

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Hey Dudes...i cam across this awesome Schneider Optivaron, with an unusual mount. The thread is the same as M42 but it has a long barrel, so I am not sure what camera (possibly film camera) this lens made for. Its not a C mount, and the rear side of the lens diameter is equivalent to standard 35mm film camera lenses.


I am trying to hook this up with a Panasonic AF m43 but so far, because of the M42 lens converter I have, makes this lens barrel way too close to the sensor...so everything is out of focus and range..


if you have any suggestion, i would really appreciate it


Thanks guys!





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Hi Simon,


Thanks for your note. I am not sure what type of barrel was on this lens originally. I have never seen an Optivaron zoom which is not a C mount and it looks like this was not for a C mount.


I will play with M42 extension rings, and see where I go with it, maybe could work, or these extension rings would work as a barrel.


Will post back here with the results around Christmas.


Have a good one!



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