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Wall spreader from joined 2x4s?

Rick Gates

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I'm getting the hardware to make wall spreaders out of 2x4s. But I'm anticipating a problem.


The maximum length 2x4 my vehicle can handle is 8 feet. Is it safe to join a couple of 2x4s to make a longer span for the wall spreader?


As I'm not seeing any 2x4 coupling hardware, I'm thinking maybe this just shouldn't be done.

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JD, I thought about that. I was thinking it would be easier to cut 2x4s than speedrail, but it would be nice to get double duty out of the pipe.


Do you consider joining 2 pieces of speedrail for a wall spreader to be safe?

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24 feet? I'd be using truss. You really need to consider the structural strength of the speedrail and the amount of deflection at the center for a given load. You're starting to veer way off course to where off the cuff advice doesn't apply, but real engineering calculations do.

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Aha! Discovered that I can get away with a 13' span for the shot.


Also saw that Dave Donaldson at the Youtube channel "Grip Tips" recommends joining two pieces of speedrail with a coupling to make a larger span. Here's a grab from his video:




I think I'm going with this technique. I can get the Modern Studio wall spreader kit at Barn Door for $80, and their couplings are $33 each.

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