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  1. Remote head, maybe mounted to high-hat mounted upside down, affixed to a pair of wall spreaders spanning the hallway.
  2. 2x4 foot flouro drop-in, lay-in, troffers, in a 30+ foot dolly move, you'll have 4 fixtures to re-lamp. 16 Kino tubes, possibly rent them. 177VAC is the ballast voltage, not the lamp voltage. Store bought tubes or Kinos in those fixtures won't be a problem.
  3. You aren't using a food stylist either. That is a factor which does affect the interplay of the light with the food being shot.
  4. Why would you ever need to know since the adjustment is by eye?
  5. As described in the manual: Frequency Selection This feature allows fine-tuning of the frequency of the SkyPanel’s light output to adjust for slight flicker or roll bars that might occur when shooting at uncommon frame rates or shutter angles. Pick from 10 different frequencies that could reduce or eliminate small amounts of these image anomalies, while maintaining full control over intensity and color tuneability.
  6. Your first image looks like a plastic knockoff of the Kant-Twist clamp. What does it do that any of the existing grip gear doesn't?
  7. Use the casting and pins from a shabby looking used C-stand, substitute aluminum tubing from a metals supplier for the steel tubing. For example: https://www.mcmaster.com/aluminum-tubing
  8. Try Highlight Film Works, local manufacturer of rags, appleboxes, etc., in Yonkers, NY area. Email is easiest: Phgrip01@aol.com He'll make any size flag or rag you want, with any fabric he has available. His 4x4 Ultrabounce floppies are great, better build quality than others. He does re-covers and repairs as well.
  9. Wow somebody has a very stilted viewpoint of the state of lighting today. Since Kino has the bulbs manufactured to their specs, I'd think that they wouldn't want to cause a riot by suddenly making every Kino head obsolete. A 1x1 Bi-color Astra Lightpanel is still neraly $1000, a Celebrity 250 $2800.
  10. Funny! I know someone else who received a similar message.
  11. People hire you hire because of your skills and experience. People who hire you because you own a certain piece of equipment, usually they are they type of cheap-ass people you want to avoid.
  12. If your camera comes loose at speed from the G forces, it's toast anyway, but you don't want to kill anyone. As stated above, safety the camera separately from every thing else and to it's own anchor point.
  13. If you manage to get it rigged up and don't hurt yourself, anyone else or any of the equipment, how will you provide the DMX control to the SkyPanel.
  14. You could span 12 feet, but I would use iron pipe and not speedrail. Additionally, I'd set it up as one would a menace arm (except upside down), effectively making an element of a truss, increasing the strength. The reality is, for a crew of one, who hasn't done any sort of rigging before, this is above your experience level and a hazard to everyone on set.
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