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  1. McMasterCarr, DigiKey, Newark Electronics....
  2. How would anyone posting advice here know the answer to that? Unless of course, we have worked in India. This is the part where you go off and make some calls or emails to grip rental businesses.
  3. The first time you have a fully loaded grip cart or hamper of feeder cable try and roll off the edge, you'll wish you went for a bigger gate. Give these a look: https://www.palfingerusa.com/
  4. Internally the same, same blade width and thickness. More than enough brass in the blade to carry the 20A and then some without melting down. As Ed stated, the blade configuration is to prevent the unknowning from plugging a 20A into a 15A circuit.
  5. OP hasn't reported back since the 10th of May?? Camera sitting on a soft mount on an amusement part ride, held only by straps? A bad trip for camera, camera op. and any and all patrons of the fairground. The idea screams out for a rigid speedrail rig.
  6. There are also lavender silks as well.
  7. Double ended halogen 500w? Yes you can substitute a 300w globe of the same length. Why not use ND or a scrim to knock down the output? Make certain the color temp isn't too low, as close to 3500 as you can find. A lower voltage globe will have a very short and bright lifespan. Don't do it.
  8. Don't expect an answer from the guy. He joined in Feb, but hasn't signed in since Feb 17.
  9. Are you hanging that angle iron as well? I wouldn't be using those quick-grip clamps for that purpose.
  10. It's not the wattage of the lamp, the socket will handle over 500 watts. It's the heat generated and the inability of the wiring to handle the heat of the bulb without melting. For short duration a 250w photoflood would be fine.
  11. Remote head, maybe mounted to high-hat mounted upside down, affixed to a pair of wall spreaders spanning the hallway.
  12. 2x4 foot flouro drop-in, lay-in, troffers, in a 30+ foot dolly move, you'll have 4 fixtures to re-lamp. 16 Kino tubes, possibly rent them. 177VAC is the ballast voltage, not the lamp voltage. Store bought tubes or Kinos in those fixtures won't be a problem.
  13. You aren't using a food stylist either. That is a factor which does affect the interplay of the light with the food being shot.
  14. Why would you ever need to know since the adjustment is by eye?
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