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  1. Really? The ones I see live in Penn Station, subway tunnels, train cars, encampments under bridges, etc., dirty conditions, in close quarters. Fresh air will do as much for the Corona virus as it did for TB in the 1900's.
  2. Moving shot, process trailer or tow rig?
  3. I'm surprised there hasn't been a major die-off of the SF, LA and NYC homeless population. And before any yells conspiracy theory or cover-up or whatever, yes I would have heard about it.
  4. Look in the tables at the back of the Harry Box book. That will tell you what other brand lights used the same size barn door and accessories. Call the bigger grip rental houses, they may have some old heads sitting around that they scavenge for parts.
  5. Large scale productions with A list cast, do you think those actors are going to rush back to the set if the ban is lifted in June. They have the money to isolate themselves and be comfortable, why would they risk it?
  6. The homeless.....you won't vaccinate them, certainly not first, some never as they will refuse medical treatment.
  7. Not just in LA, the homeless in SanFran and New York will unfortunately be an indicator of the virus worsening. I don't believe the stats China is reporting, very few new infection? April and certainly May will be very bad months in NYC. Workwise, until the travel ban is listed (in areas with said), there won't be any non-essential work. Time to find a different way to use your skills. Just acquired a "travel certificate" for NJ, hope to get one for NYC this week.
  8. You have to consider voltage drop in the cable (bamded, bates or stinger) at a given length and current draw. Beyond an acceptable amount, you will have trouble getting an HMI to strike or re-strike. With voltage drop, color temp shift sin the warm direction. Too much to cover here. I'd run no more than 100' of Bates, at 45A our voltage drop would be a little over 3%, still acceptable.
  9. Bates cable made with portable cordage weighs a ton. You're really better off buying a premade 50' 60A bates. If you insist on making it, use type SC (fine strand, Stage Cable) wire instead. You'll have to find an electrical supply that stocks it.
  10. Be wiling to bet that a power equipment rental or...even better any place that rents and repairs generators will do this for you. Multipquip, Kohler, Baldor, aggreko, cat, cummins.....
  11. Have you looked inside the panel? Trace the wiring of the 120/240 switch, look at the diagrams Ed linked to and try to understand the logic of how all the outputs of the inverter are connected to various outlets. Why do you get a combo of 120 and 240? Why do you get only 120? Terms of service here prevent being more explicit. Any licensed Electrician friends? Show them the info and ask them to explain how a transformer, center tapped on it's output works with regard to voltage and current. It's not rocket science.
  12. What's the ceiling/roof framed with? Wood 2x lumber, steel I beams, trusses? What does the entire camera rig weigh? How mobil, if any does it have to be? When these considerations were being discusses, where was your grip?
  13. No, don't do a hack job like that. Have you thoroughly digested the Honda manual and the circuit diagrams in it? If yes, you have the information needed to add a 60A bates, if you possess the metalworking ability to add the 60A panel mount bates an the wiring to connect it to the output of the inverter.
  14. Hard to say for sure. Westcott is a US based company manufacturing equipment since 1900 and Aladdin is a Koean based company founded in ?? Who is copying who?
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