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  1. Gripheads, with minimal care and maintenance, since they are cast Al, should last virtually forever. Were that not true you wouldn't see used but fully functional American Grip, Matthews, Modern, Norms and even Mole gripheads for sale. Impact gripheads will be in the scrapyard.
  2. Where do I put all the spare arms and heads? Why big skinny fixed wheels and tiny swivel casters? Those hard tires won't absorb bumps. I can see the clips breaking on a job, then what? Carry spares? Wouldn't fly for a rental design.
  3. POS made in China. Looks like a poor copy of an American Grip head. Many complaints about not tightening or staying tight, etc, etc. Look at what most lighting and grip houses send out, that's hardware that lasts.
  4. A 100A lunchbox has a 100A male bates input, how are you going to connect that to your 60A feeder. You need to get 60A lunchboxes which have only 3 circuits.
  5. His test is the spreader up against a plywood wall. A different scenario than the same spreader against a plaster or sheetrock wall. The plywood isn't going to crush or crumble as pressure is applied.
  6. Double ended tubular lamp. In a spacelight I don't see how orientation would be an issue. Do you dim them up and down or are they full-mains power on? You should get at least 100 hours burn time or better. Check your mains voltage as well, is it on the high side?
  7. Will the load be at the center of the 11 and a half feet or more towards one end? That will be one factor in determining the amount he wood will defect at a given load. What type of wood? SPF, "white wood", something else? Kiln dried or S-Grn? Are the base plates of the spreader directly over a stud or do you intend to use scabbing to bridge the studs?
  8. Oops, my mistake. However Max Field doesn't appear to be the real member's name either.
  9. Okay, 650w halogen array, globes switchable to FAY daylight globes.
  10. Max Field a.k.a. Mac Fiod? Or something like that?
  11. McMasterCarr, DigiKey, Newark Electronics....
  12. How would anyone posting advice here know the answer to that? Unless of course, we have worked in India. This is the part where you go off and make some calls or emails to grip rental businesses.
  13. The first time you have a fully loaded grip cart or hamper of feeder cable try and roll off the edge, you'll wish you went for a bigger gate. Give these a look: https://www.palfingerusa.com/
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