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  1. A toy tripod dolly. What next? What size PVC pipe to run it on?
  2. What action(s) is taking place in the room? Where will the camera be looking and moving? What elements of the walls, etc., need to be seen? How wide is the framing? Will both long walls always be in frame?
  3. Post a link would be helpful if you are solicitIng opinions. Why do You want To own a dolly, tie up money and have the inherent maintenance? A Dana dolly, yes. Others, no, just rent as needed.
  4. Old house, a vague generality. House build in the what? 60's, 80's, 0o's?? Check the breaker box during the scout. New(er) kitchen will have 20A circuits, hopefully wired so the fridge and the microwave each have their own circuit so you can use the kitchen circuit(s) as well as the washing machine circuit.
  5. Freya.....Freya who?? Why have you been hiding?
  6. Yeah...no. Tungsten filament lamps can be 2700K, Halogen lamps range from 3200 to 3500K. Typically 3400K.
  7. 8x8' skirted softbox might work out fine for lighting a 12x12' ring will sharp falloff outside the ring. The 2K open probably won't provide even illumination, but you may have to work with what you can get. A more linear lamp like 4' Kino would be a better choice.
  8. Light output will vary somewhat with the brand of globe selected. Reflector "faded"? Most reflectors are made of Alzak aluminum, doesn't oxidize, but does require cleaning. https://hubbellcdn.com/ohwassets/HLI/columbia/resources/technical/maintenance.pdf
  9. He is in the NYC area Tyler. How he misses the stuff still shooting on film is a mystery. It's not all Trust Fund Kids and Vanity shorts shooting on film.
  10. He has to post snarky comments somewhere. Lets celebrate that he's not in the USA.
  11. If it wasn't cheaper to recover nets, silks and flags, rental house dumpsters would be full of old torn ones. Most will send them out for recover and will send yours along for a fee. In the NYC tri-state area, I can't say enough about the recover work from HighLight Filmworks. Pedro Hernandez Phgrip01@Aol.com
  12. Mylar, but being thin and flexible will have to be glued down to foamcore. Mirror like but not fragile like glass.
  13. My calculator messed up 325mm-12.75" approx. I'd confirm diameter in inches and give MSE a call.
  14. Is this a pole operated studio fixture? Probably not breaking news, but the Harry Box book lists the globe#, scrim size and other most fixtures, old and modern. If your measurements are correct, Matthews could probably make you a set.
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