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  1. I left out, that some people collect guns. In the US, how many terror attacks prevented, zero. A simple internet search can provides figures to support almost any statement. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-39578500
  2. Nothing wrong with having a concise lighting plan and expecting it to be carried out. At least everyone would know what was expected and not have to deal with vague requests.
  3. Don't make out of context replies. You assert that guns are used for murder. What I posted was, " No, not fear. In many parts of America, people "wear" a firearm daily, just as one might wear shoes. " In a few parts of the US, persons obtain a carry permit for protection because of their line of work, Jeweler for example. Is that hard to understand? Private citizens, farmers excluded, few own firearms in the UK, especially handguns. Is gun violence zero?
  4. Your posts demonstrate a very one track or narrow mind. Guns are used for defense and (hunting, target shooting too ), not just to commit murder, robbery or homicide. Maybe there wouldn't have been as many deaths in the terror attacks in the UK and Europe, had some of the citizens been armed?
  5. No, not fear. In many parts of America, people "wear" a firearm daily, just as one might wear shoes. It's a choice, not a need. This is supposed to be a Cinematography form, not an anti-gun forum.
  6. In Tylers's last post, he makes a good point in #3. Maybe those grad student filmmakers with undergrad law degrees are the smart ones.
  7. They build their carts, including the brake mechanism. The casters they buy are pretty vanilla, can be purchased most anywhere. If you are going to be on hard floors, tile, finished hardwood, terrazzo, you may want to choose non-marking tires. https://casterconnection.com/
  8. Look at the cart in the Backstage catalog. Many have pneumatic casters and mechanical, remote lever operated brakes.
  9. When first encountered, it certainly was the odd duck on the grip cart. What's this clampy thing that looks like sock puppet? I don't even know what to call it.....
  10. Maybe from this, " being more compact, easier to transport and setup in smaller spaces. " Easier translates as faster. A 4x4 Ultrabounce floppy is easier (faster to setup) than a 4x8 beadboard No need to get you knickers in a twist.
  11. How is this significantly faster than two 4x4 ultra-bounce floppys and two stands? The issue with special, custom, one-off grip hardware is that other people in the crew won't understand its use. They've never seen it, never will again. Stuff like that is fine as an owner operator.
  12. A toy tripod dolly. What next? What size PVC pipe to run it on?
  13. What action(s) is taking place in the room? Where will the camera be looking and moving? What elements of the walls, etc., need to be seen? How wide is the framing? Will both long walls always be in frame?
  14. Post a link would be helpful if you are solicitIng opinions. Why do You want To own a dolly, tie up money and have the inherent maintenance? A Dana dolly, yes. Others, no, just rent as needed.
  15. Old house, a vague generality. House build in the what? 60's, 80's, 0o's?? Check the breaker box during the scout. New(er) kitchen will have 20A circuits, hopefully wired so the fridge and the microwave each have their own circuit so you can use the kitchen circuit(s) as well as the washing machine circuit.
  16. Yeah...no. Tungsten filament lamps can be 2700K, Halogen lamps range from 3200 to 3500K. Typically 3400K.
  17. 8x8' skirted softbox might work out fine for lighting a 12x12' ring will sharp falloff outside the ring. The 2K open probably won't provide even illumination, but you may have to work with what you can get. A more linear lamp like 4' Kino would be a better choice.
  18. Light output will vary somewhat with the brand of globe selected. Reflector "faded"? Most reflectors are made of Alzak aluminum, doesn't oxidize, but does require cleaning. https://hubbellcdn.com/ohwassets/HLI/columbia/resources/technical/maintenance.pdf
  19. He is in the NYC area Tyler. How he misses the stuff still shooting on film is a mystery. It's not all Trust Fund Kids and Vanity shorts shooting on film.
  20. He has to post snarky comments somewhere. Lets celebrate that he's not in the USA.
  21. If it wasn't cheaper to recover nets, silks and flags, rental house dumpsters would be full of old torn ones. Most will send them out for recover and will send yours along for a fee. In the NYC tri-state area, I can't say enough about the recover work from HighLight Filmworks. Pedro Hernandez Phgrip01@Aol.com
  22. Mylar, but being thin and flexible will have to be glued down to foamcore. Mirror like but not fragile like glass.
  23. My calculator messed up 325mm-12.75" approx. I'd confirm diameter in inches and give MSE a call.
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