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  1. He is in the NYC area Tyler. How he misses the stuff still shooting on film is a mystery. It's not all Trust Fund Kids and Vanity shorts shooting on film.
  2. He has to post snarky comments somewhere. Lets celebrate that he's not in the USA.
  3. If it wasn't cheaper to recover nets, silks and flags, rental house dumpsters would be full of old torn ones. Most will send them out for recover and will send yours along for a fee. In the NYC tri-state area, I can't say enough about the recover work from HighLight Filmworks. Pedro Hernandez Phgrip01@Aol.com
  4. Mylar, but being thin and flexible will have to be glued down to foamcore. Mirror like but not fragile like glass.
  5. My calculator messed up 325mm-12.75" approx. I'd confirm diameter in inches and give MSE a call.
  6. Is this a pole operated studio fixture? Probably not breaking news, but the Harry Box book lists the globe#, scrim size and other most fixtures, old and modern. If your measurements are correct, Matthews could probably make you a set.
  7. 13.25" , are you certain? 13 and 13-1/2 are typical sizes. Which model Strand or QuartzColor? Scrims should be the same diameter as the barndoors.
  8. Every setup is a reflection of yourself. If you have to buy "Hardware" or grip equipment to make the shot, it's not as if you will never use the items again. A rig that's not sturdy, maybe needs frequent readjustmet or looks unsafe, isn't going to save time or get you more work.
  9. If it were my space...I wouldn't allow a clamp on my 100 year old brick. Removing the black plates and using the existing anchors in the brick for the grip hardware would be my choice.
  10. The eyebolts are not in the same plane. Doubtful that you could slide a rod or pipe trough any two and not hit the brick of the column. Could you span the width of the "industrial" gallery with speedrail wall spreaders? Or Remove the plate(s) with eyebolt and bolt a junior wall plate in its place. Two Big Bens and a section of speedrail would give you a flexible setup.
  11. Unless that waiver was drafted by a Lawyer well versed in such, doubt it will hold up in court. Both parties entered into the agreement in good faith, the production company failed to enforce adequate procedures to provide a safe work place.
  12. I've seen many touch screen monitors in retail stores ruined by Lysol spray and alcohol wipes. Nice of Cindy to join to hawk her products.
  13. How about the guy sitting slouched in the chair on the far right that is wearing an industrial faceshield? Not acceptable protection.
  14. Make them from wood. Like the Apple Boxes. Finger jointed corners are easy to mass produce with a simple jig.
  15. I've put gels on the barndoors of 2k as well, no problem. Gelled open frames are really the way to go. Saves time and gels.
  16. Suspend the show from three points and rotate from above with the camera fixed. Shadow will be genuine. Do wire remove in post.
  17. You want a one inch thick riser, what diameter? 1/4-20 female on one side, 1/4-20 stud on the other, how long? Aluminum Okay?
  18. Platform attached to car frame? Scenes were shot when vehicles, even smallish cars had separate bodies and steel frames. Dangerous, yes, but shot when the safety Nancys weren't as numerous.
  19. I agree with you first paragraph somewhat. However, people who develop cheap habits continue with that habit even when no longer constrained personal finances by a shoestring budget. I can save you $$$$ on film stock, we can use that money elsewhere. I'm sure the people with business degrees have considered ideas like you before and decided it's not in Kodak's best interest. Paragraph three, how do you know how much stock they manufacture and destroy on a given month?
  20. No, not selling old film stock preserves the value of the brand, real or perceived. If every one could buy 6 month old stock at a discount there would be much less market for chemically fresh. Bad marketing. The cost to manufacture doesn't diminish, along with the films sensitivity does it?
  21. With everything suspended indefinitely, how it efffecting the camera and grip rental houses in your area. There is also the trickle down effect, no income for manufacturers and suppliers like Rose Brand, Advantage Gripwear, Matthews, American, MSE, erc. 4Wall gobbled up a lot of other companies in previous years and moved the NJ location to n even bigger place. Will the giants like Cinelease or 4Wall survive or will the little shops with lean operating costs and few employees make it through this?
  22. Really? The ones I see live in Penn Station, subway tunnels, train cars, encampments under bridges, etc., dirty conditions, in close quarters. Fresh air will do as much for the Corona virus as it did for TB in the 1900's.
  23. Moving shot, process trailer or tow rig?
  24. I'm surprised there hasn't been a major die-off of the SF, LA and NYC homeless population. And before any yells conspiracy theory or cover-up or whatever, yes I would have heard about it.
  25. Look in the tables at the back of the Harry Box book. That will tell you what other brand lights used the same size barn door and accessories. Call the bigger grip rental houses, they may have some old heads sitting around that they scavenge for parts.
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