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Vintage Lenses on Arri Alexa

Lee Thomas

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Hey everyone!

If you have a spare moment, check out this 2min film I shot called ‘Land of Steel’.

Shot on ARRI Amira using COOKE S2 Panchros.

Vintage lenses re-engineered by TLS (40+ year old glass in modern housing)

Shot in Port Talbot late last year. With Blade Runner (1982), Ridley Scott drew his vision of the future from this surreal and vast location.



Supported by Michael Sheen - https://goo.gl/6zwXFF

Thank you very much hope you enjoy! 270c.png




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Good work. The older lenses do help to "humanize" the sterile emptiness of the video image. Anything we can do to vandalize the oh so sharp high definition computer boxes seem like a good thing to me.


I have a set of TLS speed panchros. They are pretty much my favorite spherical lenses on the Alexa.


Thanks for sharing your work.



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