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RED Raven Exposure Question

Blake Z Larson

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Later this week I'm going to be shooting a film for the first time on a Red camera (the Raven). I shot some tests today just to get used to the platform and I found when using my light meter and exposing as I would on film, the image on the Red seemed under-exposed. Checking the footage in DaVinci Resolve and looking at the scopes seemed to confirm this to me.


So my question is, what is the best way to expose the Raven/Red Cameras? Should I primarily be looking to the histogram/guideposts or is there some sort of standard +/- from my meter reading that I should be following? Thanks in advance for the advice!

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A Red camera records a RAW image with just a tag for ISO that is used in RAW conversion. If you find your exposure too dark, lower the ISO on your light meter until you get an image that you are happy with.


You can also try raising the ISO setting when you make the RAW conversion and see if the image still holds up quality wise. If that's the case, you are all set. Just adjust your ISO in post RAW conversion.

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