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for sale- Ektachrome 7240 30 meter / 100 feet perforated for R-8 N-8

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Ektachrome 7240 30 meter / 100 feet perforated for R-8 N-8


For the die-hard R-8/N-8 filmer and projection-lover

I have had a stack of Ektachrome 7240 perforated for R-8 N-8

Obtained from a collection of materials from a careful filmer

who kept it in cooled storage until just a few months ago.


Euro 90 per roll of 30 meter/ 100 feet

(check on Wittner (=45) or Kahl (=30) for their 7.5 meter non-Kodak-color material :) )


Material is on 100ft daylight spools. Will fit a number of cameras

but most will require respooling onto small spools.

I am expecting a load of small spools, just not here yet.


Processing is in VNF-1 found at several labs.

But also popular with DIY processing people :)


Seller based in Netherlands. Within EU happy shipping and duty free :)



Also available:


  • 7240 in super-8 cartridge
  • Kodak Surveillance color in super-8
  • Kodak 4-X in super-8
  • Kodak MF-4 in super-8
  • Plus-X in super-8
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