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$10,000 budget

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What's worse, is that it was overseas, so I didn't have the connections with the school to get a gig out of there and my classmates were scattered worldwide so I couldn't hook up with them to put together out first projects, networking, etc.

Thats a big shame - the most useful thing about my film school experience was getting a team of collaborators to work with. 9 years later, I still use a lot of film school contacts. Its not the only way to find collaborators of course, but its a good kick starter.

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If you want your film to be seen, use part of the budget to market your film. Think social media, newspapers, etc. But also think film posters and getting your film into film festivals. A 10K budget can make a very nice short film. It starts with story. The story better be great! :) And if it is, it would be shame if many people wouldn’t be able to see it. Sure, you can post it online, but getting as much publicity for your film will help you in your future career for sure.

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