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  1. I guess we can't choose what hill to die on. I'm not irritated by people that shoot on film. Just the people that think shooting on film is somehow better or valid. There does seem a strange orthodoxy on these pages and a reverence to the "old ways" that's disconnected to the way most productions work. Shooting format is fetishized at the expense of the wider discourse around filmmaking. But your right I shouldn't let it bother me, cinematography.com has become a bit of a crazy place and I shouldn't be contributing to the crazy. Digital doesn't need me defending if. I wis
  2. It proves my rule Tarantino doesn't introduce Hateful Eight as "my ultra Panavision film"... he introduces it as "Tarantino does a western" (talking in the 3rd person a bit) or the 10th Tarantino film. Or a Bunch of crooks in a thing.... The story/tarantinoness is the main selling point and its unique shooting format is a bonus thats discussed a little way in. The rule is simple if THE VERY FIRST THING a filmmaker says about their film is "I made this great [INSERT SHOOTING FORMAT HERE] Film" .... be like Bruce Dickinson and RUNNNN FOOOR THE HIIIIILLLLLL's
  3. Your miss-understanding the point, if the first thing the filmmaker says to introduce their film is "My 35 mm short film...." Its nearly aways bad... its a basic rule. If the film was good the filmmaker would introduce it as "My documentary about female sumo wrestlers"..or "My short film about facing your fears and mental health." The filmmaker can also say "My cosplay doc about furry culture and mental health that happens to be shot on film"... is also fine and has a chance of being a good film. I'm not stating that a 35mm short film can't be good of course thats not true. But
  4. The basic rule of film production is if the filmmaker introduces it as: "My 35mm short film...." Its nearly always terrible... its an immutable. If the technology is the first thing the filmmaker mentions, they have their priorities wrong. (this isn't just a film issue -digital has its own share of miss priorities. "My RED 8K anamorphic film..." is just as likely to be just as meh, but higher resolution and less grain)
  5. I used to get anxious at Eastbourne Cineworld and sit near the the end of the row so I could quickly run out and shout at someone. What ever they used to automate the anamorphic lens changes after the trailers could be hit and miss. Projectionists became an endangered species once long play platters and automation got more sophisticated. Cheaper to have someone on close to minimum wage thread up and set the timer and just hope the film starts in frame/in focus. Projection standards in most locations were pretty lax in most locations by the late 90s. You'd still get proper projectionists
  6. I'm not against film screenings from a historical perspective, sure the technology should be preserved for people to view. I've seen both "This is Cinerama" and "How the West Was Won" projected in 3 strip Cinerama which was a cool experience. I understand why people seek out film screenings, its a bit different but its not "better". Sure 35 mm done well can look really good. We had Kinotons and access to pristine show prints at film school, so I'm aware of how good 35mm can look. But the reality of going to a typical multiplex with one "Booth Usher" threading up projectors for 1
  7. A move to film projection is really a step back why would that be a good thing? - Its expensive to master and produce prints. There is a greater environmental impact then digital files - Prints are heavy and expensive to ship, again worse for the environment then digital. - On screen the quality of 35mm has been superseded by the current generation of digital projectors, 70mm is perhaps better better but that brings in even more costs to produce and ship. - Limited number of venues that can show film, less then 100 for 70mm - Projecting film is more labour intensive
  8. I don't know its pretty standard for Red to tease for months/years on Reduser. Most camera companies don't even announce a product till the specs are locked down and its close to delivery. At one point wasn't this going to be an attachment for their phone? Not sure why people get so excited about Red products when they keep moving the goalposts so much. I think they like to keep things vague to make comparisons difficult. If I was in the market for an affordable camera I'd be looking at the Lumix SH1 or saving up a bit more for the FX9. Then you have more straightforward specs/price
  9. Early DLSR's like the 5D M2 used line skipping and or pixel binning - resulting in issues such as aliasing or moire. These days cameras are better able to do in camera mathematical scaling or record at higher resolutions allowing a 1:1 ratio between sensor photo-site and recorded pixel
  10. Mainly, that I wish they put product details on their website. Rather then teasing stuff for months on Reduser. Its a pain wading through the forum to work out the spec's, prices etc... There's still nothing on Red.com Otherwise it's probably good, global shutter is certainly a good thing, same with AF if it works, but there is a lot of very good competition in the price range. Although I'm not that sure what the actual final price is and how much the bits and bobs to make it work are at this point....it's probably on reduser...but
  11. On the pocket 4k. I believe scaled full sensor is limited at 60 fps and the cropped windowed mode allows 120 fps. In 1080p mode scaled looks better but windowed looks good too. It's a tight crop though, difficult to shoot wides
  12. Some of the discourse around casting is a little silly. "E.g only LGBTQ actors can play LGBTQ roles".... etc It totally ignores what acting is. Sure it might be better from a performance perspective to have an actor with personal experience of the character they are playing. It might make the film and performance better and more informed. Or it might not, a good actor is a good actor. Straight actors can play gay characters, gay actors can play straight characters, men can play women, women play men...The whole policing of who can do what role from both sides of the debate misses the poi
  13. Sure, I'm not fan of positive discrimination either, it gives the Mail ammunition and is potentially patronising for the people its seeks to help. No one wants to be the "diversity hire" people want to be hired on their own merits. I was just making the point that we are still a long way from white straight males being the most oppressed group. If you look at the data from 2019: https://socialsciences.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/UCLA-Hollywood-Diversity-Report-2019-2-21-2019.pdf Both women and minorities are underepresented in many key roles, particularly in more senior produ
  14. I wouldn't wipe my arse with the Daily Fail: I can't remember where the quote came from but "When you're accustomed to privilege equality feels like oppression" I encounter (mostly white men) moaning about losing opportunities due to "diversity hires". This ignores the 100's (probably 1000s) of opportunities they got in the past due to the their whiteness/maleness working as an advantage.
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