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Filters for Kern Vario-Switar POE 16-100mm f/1.9

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Apologies if I am interpreting you post incorrectly. I don't know that lens well, but I sometimes used series 9 filters. The filters have a plain, unthreaded metal ring and drop into a holder that screws together and is threaded to screw onto a lens. So if yo want to use series 9, the key is to have the holder. Commonly a rubber sunshade would screw onto the front of the holder also, though you can improvise for that.

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Hi Gregg,


The holder comes screwed on the lens I think. I send a picture.


Series 9 filters are quite hard to find nowadays, only second-handed. My main doubt would be If It's possible to use any of the regular filter sizes that are commonly used directly screwed onto the lens. The front glass of the lens is about 81mm.




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