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  1. Thanks for your replies. I finally chose two Alpha HMI 4K bounced and then diffused with good results. I didn't get the change to try the X series but the Alphas worked pretty good.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm thinking on renting a couple of Arri X HMI for a commercial project. I'd like to create a very soft and filling light in a big studio, directional but very subtle, Probably bouncing on white silks. They are discontinued now but easily available on rental houses. What are your experiences with this very wide angle HMI? Any advantages over an M40 or other HMI for soft lightnings? Many thanks, Marcos
  3. Solved. The ebay user i-got-the-stuff-u-want sells batteries for this camera.
  4. I want to buy a 12v new battery suitable for a Bolex EBM. There's nothing on ebay and in Super8filmaholic website is out of stock. I have one old Bolex battery but I am looking for an alternative with more capacity. Best, Marcos
  5. Hi Gregg, The holder comes screwed on the lens I think. I send a picture. Series 9 filters are quite hard to find nowadays, only second-handed. My main doubt would be If It's possible to use any of the regular filter sizes that are commonly used directly screwed onto the lens. The front glass of the lens is about 81mm. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Looking for variable ND filters for this lens. According to the information "Holds 1 Series 9 filter". Can I use 82mm filters for this lens? Any filter size Series 9 compatible?
  7. I have to thank Jean-Louis Seguin for his advice. The disk you see in the center of the motor is actually the back side of the piece you see in the magazine. I had to remove it because it was sticked there by mistake. It's fully working now.
  8. I like combining warm and cold color temperatures in frame. Not a big issue. One more question, would flicker free ballast for the HMI be a better option to avoid flicker with the Bolex? I'm afraid I won't find carbon arc lights at the rental house I'm in contact. Best,
  9. Hello, It seems I can't attach my 400ft mag bolex motor to the mag. Position is correct (with the motor cable pointing to the mag) but even pressing strongly the motor remains unlocked and I am not able to turn clockwise. Are there two versions of motors or some part is missing from mine? I attach pictures of both. Marcos
  10. Hello, Simon Many thanks for your quick response. I'll film with 250D colour film. If I only loose some light would be ok. I'm afraid of having coloured stripes in the middle of the frame like in the picture attached. DC powered bulb sounds like a good solution. Would be better If I use any kind of LED source instead of the HMI. I could rent some Arri L7C or similar it It's a safer choice. Marcos
  11. Hello everyone, I will be filming a shortfilm with my H16 EL in a couple of weeks. I am planning to light one interior scene with an HMI 1,2KW and some practical lights. I live in Europe so light is 50Hz. Given that shutter angle is 170ยบ, is there any way to avoid lights from flicker at 24fps or 25fps? (24x360)/170=50,82 If my maths are correct, 24fps would give the closest shutter speed to 1/50. Best, Marcos
  12. Hi, Philippe Thank you very much for your advice. I'll definitely try that soon.
  13. Hi again, Tyler, yes :wacko: It's missing. That was problem almost sure. Wilfried, thanks for your advice. I would do that with the spring arm from now on. I will do another test soon covering the counter both from inside and outside. I also will check the fps dial meticulously. Thank you everyone for your answers. I will write back with the new tests. Marcos
  14. Hi Tyler and Chris, Thanks for your answers. I got the film from Frame 24 Ltd. It was a Kodak 100ft daylight spool. Not expired or re-can. Film could be damaged in the first place but would be strange. I've just made a preliminary test following your advices. Pointing a small flashlight directly to the meter counter I clearly see light leaking inside the camera (Picture attached). For the position of the light this could be the issue. I should made another test to confirm this. I shot this test in a dunes area from midday to sunset so the camera was exposed to direct sunlight most of the time. On the other hand, there is something wrong with the fps dial. At 24fps the camera is rolling at 12fps or 14fps. If I set 8fps the camera starts rolling very very fast. Much faster than with the 48fps position. Thanks again for your help, Marcos
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