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Hey everyone.


I currently have the O'connor 1030ds which is a great head, but I find myself shooting on longer lenses and wonder if I might be better served with the 2560. I'm shooting on an F55 and when paired with the Canon 30-300, mattebox, follow focus etc., tips the scales at almost 35lbs. It's not the increased weight capacity that I'm after, just more stability. At 200-300mm, a very light touch is required on the 1030ds. Does a larger head make operating any easier? The extra weight of lugging around the 2560 I can deal with. I just want to make sure I'm not dealing with diminishing returns in performance.


Thank you.



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Hi Albion.


I'm in Northern Canada. Almost 2,000KM from the nearest rental house that has the 2560. Rental/shipping time/freight would set me back about $1,000.


I know that when I went from my small Sachtler to the 1030ds the difference was enormous. I was hoping for something similar with the 2560. Just might have to pony up for the rental.

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