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4k Ultra HD rant

George Ebersole

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My guess is that the hardware that allows HDR4K willl get smaller and more efficient, and come down in price. So much to the point that it'll become the VHS for the next 20+ years, in spite of 8K TVs, or the promise of prosumer 5K displays (an odd number, 5 ... something in the software, or so I recall from all the online material on it).


I'm not sure that Joe Average is going to appreciate 4:4:4. It looks different to his eye, but I'm not sure he's really going to appreciate it.


So I guess the big question is do 4K and/or "standard" bluray have the same visual impacts as widescreen formats did back in the 50s compared to television back then? I'm not so sure. Ditto with all of the new and newer evolution in media tech.


I'm glad the sampling technology has improved the visuals, but I wonder if the tech improvement cost is really justified. I know I can't pay $3.50 for a seat like I did as a kid, nor rent disks anymore from Blockbuster (they're still in business) for a few dollars because of increased costs. But I really am tired of seeing new technology to justify higher price points.


I don't know. I guess I'm also just burnt out on buying new editions of new movies I've already seen a few dozen times. just me.

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Minor related rant; I bought a DVD of "Windwalker" staring Trevor Howard. It's really a remarkable film, but the only bluray available is from Germany, and apparently Amazon streams what looks like a 2K 1.66:1 version, while the DVD is your standard 4:3 SD.


So … the 2K version is only available by streaming, and a bluray is an import of a film about Native Americans.


For those of you interested, Reed Smoot does some really terrific work with snow and just the natural forested mountains of North America. He really captures the beauty of the great outdoors. I think he shot the film with a soft filter.

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My library had lots of old DVD copies of VHS movies. One day it sunk in...I'm old, what am I waiting for, not much time left to screw around, If I can afford it buy the best I can afford to watch, why not do it? So I dumped the old DVD copies of VHS and moved onto commercial DVDs and bluray,


I also get lots of DVDs from the library so that helps with cost. If I was rich, no doubt I'd constantly upgrade to better IQ material, if the move would be a noticeable change. Like anything else, it all revolves around $$. I wouldn't care, I'd buy the upgrades and donate the old media to the library to recycle.

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