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OB Monitor Preference (Transvideo / FSI / Small HD)


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Hi folks,


In the market to invest in a long term on-board monitor and have currently narrowed it down to the following options. I was curious if anyone had any experience or preference between the 2-3 options below and would be willing to share their input/advice before I make any final decision.


*Transvideo Stargate V2: https://www.transvideo.eu/store/stargate


*SmallHD UB703: https://store.smallhd.com/store/703-Ultra-Bright-Professional-On-Camera-Field-Monitor


*FSI BM090: https://www.shopfsi.com/FSI-9-Inch-Broadcast-Monitor-p/bm090.htm

(it is beefy, but do love the accurate color rendition and programmable false color)


(Right now the front runner is probably the Transvideo Stargate V2, but there's such limited info I can seem to find out in the internet and there aren't any in the rental market where I most often shoot. If anyone's used and has an opinion about it I would be most grateful for your thoughts.)


Thanks in advance for your time and any info you can share.



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I have a small HD SDI focus monitor as on board.. 5.5 inch I think or something like that.. so far so good.. very light.. well made.. tons of features..that I dont use except for Slog3 LUT when needed.. pinch zoom with your fingers.. low power draw.. also have a TV Logic 058W.. also good but you will soon find you just want something small and really light weight.. IMHO anyway.. I don't use it as a view finder.. purely as a monitor ..


You will also want something daylight viewable without hoods etc total pain.. at 800 nits the focus is ok for pretty much anything except the harshest glare.. but the TV logic at about 400 ? wasn't ..

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