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ARRI AMC-1 Active cforce Motor Controller with LBUS Interface and cable set

James J Lamberg

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This AMC kit came with my WCU-4 purchased new from Innocinema this fall. I work mainly with Alexa mini so it has only been out on 2 jobs. Most of the cables have not ever left the case.

This controller is great for use with any camera platform and can drive up to 3 cforce plus or cforce mini motors. You can connect with WCU-4 and SXU-1 wirelessly, as well as wired connection to other LBUS devices.

ARRI - Active Motor Controller AMC-1
SKU: K2.0005872 1 $2,500.00
ARRI - Cable CAM (10p) - EXT (7p) (0.5m/1.6tf)
SKU:*K2.0007730 1 $220.00
ARRI - Cable CAM (10p) - RS (3p) (0.5m/1.6ft)
SKU: K2.0001606 1 $220.00
ARRI - Cable CAM (10p) - RED EPIC/D-Tap
SKU: *K2.0001998 1 $210.00
ARRI - Cable CAM (10p) - D-Tap (0.5m/1.6ft)
SKU: K2.0002682 1 $200.00
ARRI - Cable CAM (10p) - open end
SKU: K2.0002725 1 $140.00
ARRI - Cable CAM (10p) - Lanc/D-Tap
SKU: K2.0001999 1 $290.00
co-link007- Cable CAM (10p) - RS (3p)
1 $40

Total New: $3820

Asking: $3000, best offer, even considering trades


Local cash sale in Brooklyn preferred, but can arrange shipping.

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