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  1. Rocknrollers are trash. Get yourself the Remin KartMaster. I have travelled with both extensively. The KartMaster is a bit heavier and more expensive, but it is built like a tank and rolls like a Cadillac. Because of the way it folds, you don't have to worry about it opening up in transit. At the airport I typically lay my folded 42" inovativ on the bottom and stack another couple hundred pounds of cases on top of that.
  2. Hey Marco, I am interested. Please send pics and price to me at James@JJLCinema.com
  3. As a 1st AC, when I am hired for a checkout I tell the producer that I will need all equipment in one place for a minimum of 6 hours for single camera. The place to be is whichever rental houses you are getting the lenses from. This way if there are any issues with the lenses they can be addressed on site.
  4. Working link to pictures. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1caoLRHLbhGVh49e2VVGsLisHLsTvLNRg Make me an offer!
  5. This AMC kit came with my WCU-4 purchased new from Innocinema this fall. I work mainly with Alexa mini so it has only been out on 2 jobs. Most of the cables have not ever left the case. This controller is great for use with any camera platform and can drive up to 3 cforce plus or cforce mini motors. You can connect with WCU-4 and SXU-1 wirelessly, as well as wired connection to other LBUS devices. ARRI - Active Motor Controller AMC-1 SKU: K2.0005872 1 $2,500.00 ARRI - Cable CAM (10p) - EXT (7p) (0.5m/1.6tf) SKU:*K2.0007730 1 $220.00 ARRI - Cable CAM (10p) - RS (3p) (0.5m/1.6ft) SKU: K2.0001
  6. Any interest in selling just the cforce mini rf motor?
  7. Best tip is to overwork yourself through summer and fall so you can take the winter off, but maybe not realistic. One idea that I want to test this winter is using usb powered heated scarves in a number of ways. You can find these things on amazon and they work very simply off any battery with a usb output. Applications that I want to test include keeping batteries and mags warm on camera and in the case, besides the obvious personal warmth applications.
  8. I have experienced a similar issue and deduced that the cause was the Cfast cards overheating. When rolling long takes and filling the cards to capacity they get quite warm. Try letting them cool for a couple of minutes before offload.
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