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FS: Aaton XTR Plus System w/Canon Zoom

Charles Pickel

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Offered for sale is a very clean used Aaton XTR Plus super-16mm camera system. The camera had a top-to-bottom overhaul at the Aaton factory in Grenoble approx 15 yrs ago and has been maintained by Abel Cine Tech since then. It has been stored for a few years and will get a service checkout in my shop prior to sale. At present it runs very quietly and draws .5 amp at 12.8 Volts without a magazine, which is right where it should be. This is a personal DP unit that has never been in rental service AFAIK. 

Package Consists of:

Aaton XTR Plus camera body (# 16xx) w/PL mount , 1.66/ TV viewing screen, time code, hand grip, thread-in support rods.
1-Custom integrated B&W  video assist with interchangeable cameras (included camera is B&W SD composite video). Mount is C-mount. Video tap has manual controls for image size, focus, centering and iris.
2-400' DX magazines
1-Media Logic Xtal speed control (6-54 fps in .001 frame increments)
1-Oppenheimer Np-1 battery adapter
4-NP-1 Ni-Cad batteries (power cycled and tested, may need replacement soon)
IDX 4-place charger for NP-1
1-Aaton 16V battery for frame rates btwn 37-54fps (new cells)
1-16V charger
Camera power cable for external batteries (XLR 4-pin)
Aaton Origin-C time code clock w/cables

Canon 8-64mm T2.4/PL mount Super-16mm zoom lens

Canon 2-stage 4x4" clamp on 95mm filter holder sunshade for 8-64mm

Tiffen 4x4" filters: 85; 85ND3, 85ND6

Cases for all

Price: US$ 10,500.00 + shipping (Equip is located in Seattle WA USA)

Email for more photos etc.: cp@seriousgear.com

Charles Pickel www,seriousgear.com


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