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RED Epic-M Dragon 6K - Kit EU Only


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Hello Everybody,

I sell my beloved RED Epic-M Dragon bought at the end of 2014. I unfortunately don't use it enough.

I have been shooting much lighter in recent years and will therefore buy a less "high end" camera that is more suitable for projects where I am the only operator.

The camera is in very good condition with few projects done with it.


Low Hours: 730 hours


I sell the whole kit for 11'000€ + Shipping


The camera is with me in Geneva, Switzerland. Possibility to pick it up in France or other countries around Switzerland.

I can send it in Europe by adding shipping and other fees.


The kit for sale includes:

- 1x RED Epic-M Dragon 6K brain

- 1x Side SSD Module 1.8''

- 1x Minimag Side SSD Module

- 1x Wooden Camera Cage

- 1x RED Touch Pro 5.0 Monitor with Nato clamp

- 1x RED Switchblade Pro

- 1x Canon EF Mount

- 1x RED Top Handle with Nato rail

- 1x Backplate V-Mount Wooden Camera

- 1x Baseplate 19mm Wooden Camera (Dovetail)

- 2x Redmags 240GB 1.8''

- 1x REDmag reader USB 3.0 with cable

- 1x C-Box Wooden Camera (not pictured)

- 1x B-Box Wooden Camera

- 1x A-Box Wooden Camera

- 2x 19mm RED rods Carbon

- 1x Dovetail Wooden Camera

- 1x OLPF Skin tone-Highlights

- 1x OLPF Low Light Optimized

- 1x OLPF IR Spectrum Kippertie

- 1x LEMO Cinecoil for monitor

- 1x Monitor LEMO RED (not pictured)

- 1x RED Adaptor Module (not pictured)

- 1x Box RED EPIC-M Dragon

- 1x Pelicase 1510 Green


Link Google Drive with pictures:






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