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  1. Hi, we have someone interested so sale pending. He will come to check the whole set very soon. If he doesn't buy it at this moment, the set will be on the market again. Cheers
  2. The set is still available and the lenses are standard speed MKII. Let me know if you're interested. Best, Blaise
  3. Hi, It is possible to see some pictures of the actual glasses. What's the state of the lenses and also, what price for the set ? Thank you
  4. Hi Marc, Is your Lomo set still for sale ? What is the price ?
  5. Hello Constantin, Intéressé par un achat avec envoi en France si jamais. L'objectif est-il tjs disponible ? Merci
  6. Lower the price to 21'000€ because lenses are still available. That is the best price we can do !
  7. bump Lenses still available. We need to sell it quick cause we bought another set of Cooke Speed Panchro. Lower the price to 22'000€
  8. Hi Guys, We are a production company based in Geneva, Switzerlan, and we've got a beautiful set of 6x Zeiss Standard Speed T2.1 to sell. Our set is immaculate and we've taken care of. We need to raise fund to buy a new set of lenses, that's why we sell it and we are very sad because we loved those glasses. Everything is perfect with them. The only thing to notice is that the 24mm is not hard PL but Arri B with an adapter. You can see on the pictures that the 40mm has a dust particle in the middle but it does not affect the image at all and it will be clean. Before the shipping to their new owner, the lenses will be CLA by Lahaziz of Lenziz Optics in Paris, a great technician who workes for Angénieux and Panavision. Pictures here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=192qYmCYZgSsxKzD9bQfWAYlyI5dZ9VjZ The lenses come with the Pelicase for 23'000€
  9. Hi Paolo, That'a great lens you have but I didn't find footage online... Do you have some clips shot with this actual lens online, just to see the resolution and the possible CA. Thank you.
  10. Hi Michael, Do you have some examples shot with the 7mm available online ? I really would like to see what you get with that lens in super 16mm. Many thanks, Blaise
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