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  1. Hi Evghenii, Interested by your lenses. Would it be possible to have more pictures of it (from the side and inside the lens with aperture wide open and flashlight if possible) ? Thank you
  2. Hi Ali, Do you have any pictures of your lenses ? The icloud link doesn't work anymore Thank you
  3. Hi Olle, I'm really interested by the all set. Is it still available ? Many thanks, Blaise
  4. Hi Michael and James, My Side SSD module is still available right now. I have to say that the posssibility given by Michael is a great choice for me but James asked for the module in first place. I'm quite torn by the choice cause the fact that I can meet someone in Geneva and directly sell it to her is very tempting. James, do you think you can find another one directly in the USA ? Michael, are you still interested to buy it directly in my living town ?
  5. Hi Robert, Thank you for your quick reply. I'm looking to sell it for 500 USD + Shipping. Let me know if you want to take it ? It is new by the way, never used. Best
  6. Hi Robert, Sorry for my late reply, didn't see your message. My RED DSMC 1 SSD Mini Mag Side Module is still available, still in his box! Let me know if you're still interested ? Best regards
  7. OLPF's are SOLD! RED Mini-Mag Side SSD for DSMC1 is still available! Cheers
  8. Hi Nic, Do you have any pictures of the actual lenses ? Thank you,
  9. Hi Martin, I'm really interested by yourr lenses. Do you have pictures of each lense, front and back ? Also, how are the mechanics on it ? I send you a PM.
  10. Hi every body, I'm selling some of my DSMC1 RED gear. - DSMC1 Side SSD Mini-Mag module - DSMC1 Low light optimized OLPF - DSMC1 Kippertie IR spectrum OLPF My Epic Dragon was stolen last year and I stil got some some stuff around that I'm not using. It's a bit of a rough time financially so I need to find some cash, that's why I'm selling. All the products are in Switzerland but can ship everywhere in the world as long as the buyer pay for the shipping method and all the customs fees applied. Products: - 1x new (only open box) DSMC1 RED Mini-Mag side SSD Module never used. I bought it to upgrade my Dragon that still got the old 1,8'' module but never had the money to buy a group of mini mag befor the steal. I'm selling it for 400€. - 1x very good condition DSMC1 Low Light Optimized OLPF for 150€ - 1x mint Kippertie DSMC1 IR spectrum (zero lowpass) OLPF for 200€ I will do a discount price if someone takes everything in one shot. Actual pictures available on my Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1G4eVmdNOB-iI3r2uXCV7oVjR_ncSg3Ed?usp=sharing
  11. Hi Kimon, You said that you will make a discount if someone buy both. You try to sell it 350€ each so it would be correct to ask a bit less for both. What is the best you can do ? And yes, I'm based in Geneva, Switzerland. Not exactly in Europe but lost in the middle of it hahaha. I'm living next to the border so it can be delivered in France without problem if we agree on a price. Best, Blaise
  12. Hi Kimon, Will you sell both for 600€ ? Best regards, Blaise
  13. This is what I'm doing right now. I'm using my Kinefinity Mavo LF with anamorphic projection lens turn the unconventional way. I'm preparing a music video shot like this and it is kind of a new way to frame the picture. Imust admit that I quite like it. Fortunately, the Mavo LF has an vertical internal desqueeze for experimentation like this and it helps a lot. I did a tes with a Kowa 8Z and an Helios 44-2 58mm as taking lens, here the results. Anamorphic 2x conventional: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FuqTSSsQXLUBeuGVMpEfiHTTdJnv4fJ9 Anamorphic 2x unconventional (horizontal desqueeze): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BEaaPuXSmYwN7rcVyn2STJAie4v63WVk SPherical Version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BEaaPuXSmYwN7rcVyn2STJAie4v63WVk
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