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  1. Hi Kimon, You said that you will make a discount if someone buy both. You try to sell it 350€ each so it would be correct to ask a bit less for both. What is the best you can do ? And yes, I'm based in Geneva, Switzerland. Not exactly in Europe but lost in the middle of it hahaha. I'm living next to the border so it can be delivered in France without problem if we agree on a price. Best, Blaise
  2. Hi Kimon, Will you sell both for 600€ ? Best regards, Blaise
  3. This is what I'm doing right now. I'm using my Kinefinity Mavo LF with anamorphic projection lens turn the unconventional way. I'm preparing a music video shot like this and it is kind of a new way to frame the picture. Imust admit that I quite like it. Fortunately, the Mavo LF has an vertical internal desqueeze for experimentation like this and it helps a lot. I did a tes with a Kowa 8Z and an Helios 44-2 58mm as taking lens, here the results. Anamorphic 2x conventional: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FuqTSSsQXLUBeuGVMpEfiHTTdJnv4fJ9 Anamorphic 2x unconventional (horizontal desqueeze): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BEaaPuXSmYwN7rcVyn2STJAie4v63WVk SPherical Version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BEaaPuXSmYwN7rcVyn2STJAie4v63WVk
  4. Hi joao, How much for this lens ? Do you have pictures available ? Best, Blaise
  5. Hi Jonathan, Is your Bolex moller still available ? Cheers, Blaise
  6. Hi Rick, Is this set still available to purchase ? What's the price of it ? Thank you, Blaise
  7. Hi Samuel, The whole kit went out for rental and they never returned the equipment ! 4 rental companies were stolen like that in France in the past month, all robbed by the same guy! Everytime, they rent for almost 100'000€ of equipment !
  8. Yes exactly like that, a fake shooting, a fake DOP, fake ID's !!!!! My company is in Switzerland, but the thieves are from Paris.
  9. WE WERE STOLEN BY FRENCH GUYS!!!! NOUS AVONS ETE VOLE !!!!! Here is the kit stolen: Voici le kit que l'on nous a dérobé: - 1x Kit RED Epic-M Dragon 6K sn:EPIC-M03029 - 2x REDmag 240GB comme suit: Redmag 240GB sn: 750102A4EC9D2 Redmag 240GB sn: 750102A4ECF82 - 1x Kit Cooke Speed Panchro comme suit: Cooke Panchro SerieIII PS Technik 18mm sn: 766206 Cooke Panchro SerieIII PS Technik 25mm sn: 747039 Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 32mm sn: 769273 Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 40mm sn: 752783 Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 50mm sn: 701899 Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 75mm sn: 768575 Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 100mm sn: 7597932 - 1x Mattebox Redrock - 1x Follow Focus ARRI FF4 - 1x Trépied Miller Arrow 55 - 1x Moniteur TVLogic 17'' avec câbles BNC et valise - 1x Epaulière Wooden Camera - 5x Filtres ND 4x5.6 Schneider de 0.3 à 1.5 - 1x Micro Sennheiser K6P avec câbles XLR Merci de nous faire savoir si vous entendez parler de quoi que ce soit.
  10. Hi Kimon, Is it possible to have some actual pictures of your Bolex Moller please ? Thank you, Blaise
  11. Hello Everybody, I sell my beloved RED Epic-M Dragon bought at the end of 2014. I unfortunately don't use it enough. I have been shooting much lighter in recent years and will therefore buy a less "high end" camera that is more suitable for projects where I am the only operator. The camera is in very good condition with few projects done with it. Low Hours: 730 hours I sell the whole kit for 11'000€ + Shipping The camera is with me in Geneva, Switzerland. Possibility to pick it up in France or other countries around Switzerland. I can send it in Europe by adding shipping and other fees. The kit for sale includes: - 1x RED Epic-M Dragon 6K brain - 1x Side SSD Module 1.8'' - 1x Minimag Side SSD Module - 1x Wooden Camera Cage - 1x RED Touch Pro 5.0 Monitor with Nato clamp - 1x RED Switchblade Pro - 1x Canon EF Mount - 1x RED Top Handle with Nato rail - 1x Backplate V-Mount Wooden Camera - 1x Baseplate 19mm Wooden Camera (Dovetail) - 2x Redmags 240GB 1.8'' - 1x REDmag reader USB 3.0 with cable - 1x C-Box Wooden Camera (not pictured) - 1x B-Box Wooden Camera - 1x A-Box Wooden Camera - 2x 19mm RED rods Carbon - 1x Dovetail Wooden Camera - 1x OLPF Skin tone-Highlights - 1x OLPF Low Light Optimized - 1x OLPF IR Spectrum Kippertie - 1x LEMO Cinecoil for monitor - 1x Monitor LEMO RED (not pictured) - 1x RED Adaptor Module (not pictured) - 1x Box RED EPIC-M Dragon - 1x Pelicase 1510 Green Link Google Drive with pictures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aikF-4uL56a3YHK3udvbv2fHt2Es39A0 Cheers, Blaise
  12. Hi, we have someone interested so sale pending. He will come to check the whole set very soon. If he doesn't buy it at this moment, the set will be on the market again. Cheers
  13. The set is still available and the lenses are standard speed MKII. Let me know if you're interested. Best, Blaise
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