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FS- Plus X 16mm Films- 100 Foot Double Perf (2R)

Scott Pickering

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I bought these films a few years ago because I wanted some Plus X stock. I ended up selling my regular 16mm Arri camera and only have the Super 16 Bolex left. Since these are all double perf 2R films, I can't use these in my current camera. These films were bought from a previous owner, so I can't vouch for their condition. I've always had them in my freezer since I received them. What Im selling is:

11   7231 Plus X Negative 2R films of various ages- 100 foot reels

6     7276 Plus X Reversal 2R films of various ages- 100 foot reels

The going rate seems to be $30 or so US dollars each, but I will accept $35 Canadian for each roll of these, plus shipping on top. I'd sell them in chunks, but prefer to sell as one lot. Payment would be by PayPal in Canadian dollars. These will be shipped by postal. Shipping cost is extra based on where you are located. Send me a private message if interested.


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