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  1. SO would this not affect the Scanstation as well? Meaning if you get a 5K scan off Super 8, your more likely only getting around 3K once cropped?
  2. Ok. Let me know. I find it strange the website I mentioned says 10K for all formats.
  3. I'll add Protek Vaults now goes under the name LAC. Same company, different name. As far as I know, they still don't do small gauge on it yet.
  4. https://www.galileodigital.com/film-scanning According to them, the Director 10K does 10K scans for all formats. It doesn't get less rez as the format size gets smaller. So the above page tells me you can do 10K Scanning from 8mm. Same with 16mm. Has there been any updates as to who may own this scanner now, possibly in North America? Its been out for getting close to 3 years now, so I assume there must be more then 1 place now that has this machine.
  5. I watched this movie yesterday and am going again tomorrow. Its a very well done movie. Suspenseful considering we all know the outcomes. Synth music was excellent. Yes I'd say they used the 65mm material for about 30% of the film. The rest was either tv footage or 16mm. The 65mm photography was very good, but I did notice the indoor 65mm material was rather dark and the faces were quite red in color, or even darker then that. I'm surprised they didn't fix this in post. You can tell the coloring has faded somewhat, as the indoor color temp was a little off. The outdoor material was fine. I wish I could see this in 4K, as even in IMAX I could see the pixels on the screen. Screen door effect. Jagged edges. Its a shame they wont release this film in UHD Blu Ray. They only have it slated for standard blu ray release in May. Im still getting it though. I wonder what material we'll see in the news come July this year?
  6. Anyone see this film? I have tickets to go to the IMAX on Monday to check this out. I'm a big space fan and have followed NASA for years. I have heard there were 70mm films that were made at the time, but no one ever saw any of it. Looks like they dug them out and put them to good use. Apparently NASA was planning on releasing a film of Apollo 11 at the time, but it never went anywhere and the project was shelved. They used the same 65mm cameras that were used on Lawrence of Arabia and Cleopatra from what I read. So today they took scans off the 65mm negatives and also used newly sourced audio from 8 days worth of tapes for this film. I wish I could see this in 70mm, but IMAX digital will have to do. I expect it to look great, but not sure how much of the film will be shown after the launch. I don't imagine they took 65mm cameras on the mission, due to size and weight. Any comments?
  7. I watched this film in 2 chunks. I got so bored with it after 1 hour 40 minutes, I turned it off. I ended up watching the end half a week later. It was beautifully shot, but a very dull boring movie. I guess I have been spoiled by Speilberg movies all my life. The directing was well done, as was the acting. So I'll give credit due where I believe it should. I kept waiting for something to happen to liven up the movie, but that didn't really happen till near the end. And even that wasn't so dramatic when you think of it. I like my B&W to be more contrasty too, but I'll accept his choice as a stylistic choice. This is one film I don't plan to watch again. And movies with no plot or story I like too, like Baraka for example. But this one wasn't it for me.
  8. I heard from Ron Mowrey many years ago some 70mm footage of the Apollo 11 launch existed. So this must be it. I'd love to see this in an IMAX theater on film, but may have to buy it on disc instead. Hope for a 4K version of this.
  9. I was trying to say The Right Stuff seemed to be more epic in nature and design. First Man seemed more like a documentary then a story. But Im guessing that was their intention.
  10. I saw this film a couple weeks ago in a regular digital DLP theater. I wish I saw it in the IMAX theater showing digital. I would have seen the IMAX film scenes full screen. I don't know if any 70mm IMAX prints were made or not. Film was technically very good. I found the whole film a little klunky in terms of style in the transition of scenes. I thought the Right Stuff was better done for drama, impact, and the whole story telling. The Right Stuff was a very cinematic old school big movie kind of making they just can't seem to do anymore. First Man was shot very well though. And I found Armstrong a bit too aloof or even neurotic to a degree which I get the feeling he wasn't so much. Maybe it was the 2D dimensional portrayal of Armstrong by the actor. He is known for wooden characters in his movies. I hardly saw any emotion on his face the whole movie.
  11. My understanding was Kodak ended up making the needed chemicals itself for the ones they could no longer outsource. My understanding is the film is basically identical to the old stuff, according to what people are saying about the look of it. I plan on picking up some rolls in all formats when the finally get stock on it all. First batch of stock has already sold out.
  12. Yeah. My scans were DPX actually. I have been working with them again lately to finish up the whole project. I've got an edit suite for video being set up, so I can work on the sound. End result is a 4K file and also a blu ray. I will make a DVD so I can use it to dupe over to S-VHS for backup. I ended up not using your timed video and corrected it on my own. I used to work in a photolab for 19 years, so I can easily correct the image to how I want it.
  13. Could it be that their projector was only 4K to show the two? There are no theaters that go above 4K yet, but that will change. Im trying to future proof my scans, so I'll be ready when 8K comes for home use. Looks like 5K is the max rez for small guage so far today. No word from Perry, which makes me think 5K is it.
  14. Perry. I wasn't aware of the scan limitations. So basically with Super 8, there is no option today to go above 5K then? What about 16mm? Anything above 8K?
  15. Been a year. Is there any other companies out there that has one of these machines now? Find it strange they've only sold 1 in the entire USA. And that company doesn't do smaller guages like Super 8.
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