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  1. Greg. I agree on the difficulty focus pulling IMAX film cameras. I use 6x7 film format myself with a Pentax, and I did a shoot 2 weeks ago, where I missed focus on most shots at f2.4. So I can understand where you are coming from. Maybe Im a simple guy, but can you elaborate with examples on how Nolan has become self indulgent or too clever? Im not seeing what you are alluding to. But then again I notice more technical stuff then story process, etc. I'll note while I was in the Oppenheimer show a second time, the people I sat next to told me about a technical issue at the Langley theater that stopped a show last week. So my theater wasn't immune to these issues either. Its been commented who will still use film or make film prints when directors like Nolan retire? They say we may only have 20 years left with film. I also heard IMAX is considering putting back more 15/70 projectors in IMAX theaters around the world, due to demand.
  2. Well I saw Oppenheimer in IMAX 70mm again today. Seeing the movie a second time flowed better and made more sense this time. You obviously miss a lot on first viewing. I also noticed a lot of out of focus shots in this film. Im really starting to think IMAX print is closer to 8K in rez seen. It looked sharp, but not digital sharp. It still had that soft film look, but with more detail. Grain was noticable on many of the shots. Of course 15 perf worked the best for everything. It produced the cleanest image of all of it. I liked the film more the second time. It certainly ranks as one of Nolans best work.
  3. Tyler. Was there not a demo by NHK some years back in a theater showing some sports event? One person said it was like looking into a window. Also Samsung is supposed to be coming out with a short throw 8k projector.
  4. I know they are out there, but is 8k laser projection possible today? Could they do like IMAX and put two 4K projectors together to make 8k rez?
  5. So being a big fan of true IMAX using 70mm film prints, I had to see this release in 70mm when it came available in my area once again. I saw Dunkirk in this same theater in 70mm IMAX 6 years ago. This was one of the few theaters left that still kept their 70mm projection system. I have been watching real IMAX since 1986, when it first became available in Vancouver BC at Expo 86. That theater has since shut down the IMAX films, so Langley was the only one left. Im not sure if the OMNIMAX at the Science World still offers film projection. The Langley theater has had its IMAX venue since the late 90s I believe. I saw quite a few true IMAX films in this theater over time, with quite a few of them being Nolan films. Why is Nolan the ONLY director that will still insist on 70mm prints for his films? I wish more of them would. I was also happy to see this release with the B&W portions shot on real B&W film, as I too myself wished I could make a film that way at one time. Nolan is the guy who could get that done though. Now on to this new release. I got my tickets a month in advance and it slowly sold out each showing the closer it go to release. I got my ticket the first day it was available. My ticket was for the 2PM show on Saturday the 22nd. Once I knew Langley was once again showing a 70mm print, I was waiting to get my ticket. The day we got there, the theater was of course sold out. People were wandering all over trying to find their seats. The ushers came in to help. There were people from all over in our viewing. I sat next to a couple guys who came all the way up from Seattle to see this here. They no longer have 70mm options in their city to see it this way. I heard some other people flew in just to see this show. Before it started, one of the theater staff introduced the show and talked a little bit about this presentation. I missed out on getting the handout film print clip of IMAX. They ran out. So the movie began and it was how I remembered film prints being. This print did weave a little at times, you could clearly see the flicker on the screen, and the image was not quite rock steady. There was dust on the print a couple times too. So this was obviously a film print I was watching. You get so used to the clean stable digital presentations, that seeing film once again is a little unusual. I loved what I was looking at. Being one of the 31 theaters showing in IMAX, I felt privileged and very lucky. The presentation didn’t have any mechanical issues like some other venues in Canada have had this last week. I hope they get their problems sorted out. The 70mm 5 perf sections on the print looked very good. Better that Dunkirk did on its print. I could still see a bit of a contrast difference between the IMAX and 5 perf sections though. The 5 perf stuff held up very well on the IMAX print. The B&W portions showed the grain, even in 70mm. The B&W IMAX sections were noticeably less grainy, and that surprised me, since 5 perf isn’t that much of a blow up if at all. I didn’t really see much of a tint in the B&W segments, as some others have reported showing green tints. I still think it would have looked better if a B&W print was an option. Duping B&W to color print stock never looks as good. But it was a real treat to see B&W in 70mm. I wish this would be an option again for future film makers. Fotokem said they would consider doing it again if the right amount of stock was sent to them. But their lab manager says no to that. The color segments of the film looked softer than I remembered IMAX being. A softer look is a film trait, even in 70mm. I certainly don’t see how IMAX can be 18K rez, after view IMAX film again today. I think 8K would give it a run for its money. But needless to say Im a tried and true film nut. I love using film myself for photography. I really have to admire for Nolan sticking to his guns using film for his movies. He and I would make many of the same decisions if I was making films myself. Old school just looks better. The movie itself was good. I need another viewing just to try and make sense of some of it. I wouldn’t say this was Nolan’s best work, as its different to me than some of his other movies. But I have to admire what he was able to achieve. I hope there are more opportunities to see 70mm IMAX here in BC. But Im concerned at some point they may give it up, especially if Nolan stops making films. Scott Pickering- BC Canada
  6. Thanks for the reviews guys. Im seeing the film tomorrow in IMAX 70mm. I too thought the optical dupe on Dunkirk was poor, and the 5 perf shots looked way off compared to the IMAX sections. I expect now this to be the same situation for tomorrows showing.
  7. Tyler- Are you sure this is a "One OFF" for B&W 65mm? I contacted Fotokem and asked him this very question. This is what was said: "Hi Scott, 65mm black and white negative processing could be reestablished on a large enough project. It’s a huge undertaking each time we switch the 65mm negative processor over to black and white. We have never established 70mm black and white print processing - that was not possible for a number of reasons. Andrew" So this comment above suggests they will do it, if the amount is enough to merit switching the tanks all over again. I also asked what process they used to copy over the B&W segments to the color print stock, since doing just that usually looks not as good as printing to a B&W print stock. I wondered if maybe the B&W was scanned, manipulated for color print output, and then laser printed onto color stock. Nope. It was optically printed direct from the camera negative to color print stock, making sure the color was as neutral as possible. "The black and white negative is contact printed onto color print stock. We worked hard to maintain the neutrality of the image, through color timing and processing control. Andrew" I have my tickets to see Oppenheimer at my local IMAX theater which is one of the few still showing in 70mm film prints, as they kept their 15/70 projector in the booth all these years. Im just glad I can still see it this way, as I love "true" IMAX projection from film. Nothing touches it. I've been seeing true IMAX since 1986. And lets not mention how rare it is just to even see a film print projected these days. I hope there are more possible chances to see 15/70 at this theater in the future. Im going to see the movie this Saturday in the afternoon. Its at the Langley IMAX here in BC Canada.
  8. David. Apparently Fuji stopped making motion picture film in 2013, long after the movie was released.
  9. Just watched this film for the first time on Blu Ray. I haven't seen this film before, but I've been wanting to since before it was released. I have seen Ron Fricke's other features like Kooyaniqatsi and Baraka. I haven't seen Chronos yet. Technically a very well done film as per usual for Ron Fricke. I wondered how he got some of the shots he did, as I can't imagine a crane being allowed in some of the locations. Theme of birth, death, and rebirth were evident. This film really exploited the degradation of human society. Looking at the transfer, I wondered- was this filmed on Fuji stock? It seemed to have Fuji colors all over it. It was a very cool toned film with excellent greens and blues. After watching, I still think Baraka was his best work, though the imagery in this one was excellent. The tracking shots during time-lapse were great. Anyone know the technical info on this film?
  10. Actually I believe Ron Fricke did shoot a film in IMAX. Late 80s. Chronos.
  11. If this film was a digital intermediate and filmed out via film digital printer, I wonder if this was because of the problems with Dunkirk with 5 perf looking so different then 15 perf? I wonder if that is why they went this route this time? I wonder what rez they did the film outs? I know they can print out to 8K with their 70mm unit, but it is expensive. It would certainly add cost to the film budget doing this, but at least they will have a decent file for the 4K disc when it comes out.
  12. My IMAX theater here that still has its 15/70 projector (unless they removed it recently), isn't showing it on film this time around. They have the movie listed for release on the 27th here in Canada, and the IMAX is only showing it on digital. Shame because I was really hoping they'd use that projector again.
  13. I asked Fotokem once a few years back about shooting 65mm B&W. They said they have a machine that can do it, but its not in operation. They considered it and came back and said they won't use it as it wasn't worth their effort to put it in operation. I'd love to see an old Western in 65mm IMAX in B&W though.
  14. Just wondering which Sekonic light meter do I need to get, that works for both motion picture film and still photography film? I'd like it to have the spot meter capability as well if possible. Available to input shutter angles and EI/ ISO speeds. Or is there a meter that works for both types of photography? Someone suggested the 758, but I don't see motion picture options on that meter. Any suggestions?
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