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ARRI SR Breakout Box Question

Will Jacobs

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I recently acquired a Clairmont Camera breakout box and have fallen into a small conundrum.

It is a 12v breakout box with three 3-pin 12v outputs, two 11-pin 12v outputs, and a 2-pin 12v input. It also features a 3-pin cable to connect to a remote switch connector and has a 'start/stop' button. I was going to use this for an ARRI SR I.

Being relatively new to the SR camera, the 2-pin 12v input is what baffles me. Would I need a 11-pin to 2-pin male-to-male cable running from the camera to the box?  How might the 11-pin accessories I power with the box be compatible with the 2-pin input? 

Here are some photographs of the unit: https://postimg.cc/gallery/hew90pve/

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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That remote start will only work with an SR3, which uses the 3 pin RS socket. Your camera uses its 11 pin socket for remote start, but the 11 pin output on that box is for power only.

This would have been a box to supply 12 V to various accessories, although it’s a bit odd that there are 3 pin outputs since the 3 pin socket supplied 24 V out normally.  But rental house like Clairmont would have custom made all sorts of cables for things I guess. The danger is that you plug 24V into a 12V accessory.

The 2 pin input would have possibly come out of the SR3 12V output which was a 2 pin socket. Normally power in sockets are male so that power out is always female (so you don’t have exposed pins that can be shorted), so again it’s a bit odd.

To make a remote start for your SR 1 you’d need to source an 11 pin Fischer plug, with a cable and a switch to close pins 7 and 11. 

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