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Shooting with fake rain, water towers, etc

Manu Delpech

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I think I asked someone about this here but I can't find a trace of it.

Basically, I'm going to have a big scene in a film involving rain at night in like a residential street. I've tried to find as much as I could about it but I figured I'd ask here and might gleam some good advice from folks who have experience with that. I plan to shoot the whole film very wide, long shots, few cuts. Which I guess will be a plus since there will be no use of any cranes, it'll be a lot of dolly work. So I don't plan to frame the action above a certain height, let's say a little above the height of a pick up truck. This means we probably won't need super high water towers.

Now, what should I absolutely know or be aware of before shooting a scene like this?

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You will need some backlight to see the rain.

And, it will be a lot of water, more than a usual rainy day.  Be prepared to get everything wet.

You might also desire a rain deflector device for the lens, depending upon whether you can keep the rain off the lens...  Usually you can avoid getting the lens / filter wet with just the eye brow on the matte box.  At least get an optical flat filter to keep the water off the lens itself.

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