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  1. Yeah, I assumed that was the case earlier, no idea why considering McQuarrie clearly prefers film. Logistically simpler considering they"re shooting all over the globe?
  2. It might get an IMAX limited run, Zack has posted images of it being shown in IMAX where it of course looks massive and it's been teased. It's his choice, that's it. I would have chosen 1.66 or 1.85 for home video but he knows what he's doing.
  3. Just so we're clear, the theatrical cut of Justice League in 2017 contains practically none of Zack's original footage. It's that simple. This, as if the trailer released yesterday wasn't clear enough, is a COMPLETELY different film. And Tyler, Zack lost his daughter just when he was working on his cut back in the day. Warner Bros was of course meddling in the process as they often do these days, and he couldn't stay on, he had no energy left for the fight as he put it, and then WB brought in hack/predator Joss Whedon for "minimal reshoots" is what they called it back then and ended up
  4. Yeah, it's what Zack wanted, it takes some getting used to. He posted some images of it being projected on a 1.43 IMAX screen and I imagine it's insane seen like that. I wish he had gone for 1.66 (back in March 2020, he said it would be 1.66, so he must have changed his mind) for the home video version, some folks won't understand why it's not filling their screens ^^ Millions of people are waiting for this and will gladly sit through a 4 hour film, the film will also have chapters like on a DVD or a Blu Ray, I guess to be able to watch a chunk of it and going back to it later if you nee
  5. Crap, I thought I had edited MI7 out. Yeah, it seems it's all digital for some reason.
  6. Film will be just fine. Killers of The Flower Moon is starting next month for a seven month shoot, David O.Russell's next one is shooting right now (probably on film). Paul Thomas Anderson shot his latest film a few months ago on 35mm as always. Patty Jenkins only shoots on film and she's got three huge films lined up: Rogue Squadron, Wonder Woman 3 and Cleopatra. I'm guessing/hoping that Indy 5 (directed by James Mangold) will be film too. No Time To Die is releasing (probably pushed back to Fall 2021), A Quiet Place Part 2 as well (film), Shyamalan's Old (he actually paid the extra himself t
  7. @Uli Meyer Others were mentioning the plasticity (?) so to speak. Though as much as I love Fincher's digital work, I do miss the Seven days with that grit. About Fincher's preference for darker material, Benjamin Button is a very beautiful and touching film. And yes, there's a coldness to many of his films, he's very cerebral and that's just the way he is, and that's okay.
  8. Awesome to hear, can't wait for it Jarin. Those false positives, how do you make sure of those? Jurassic World Dominion shut down close to the end because of supposed false positives but I'm curious how you find out. Some tests are a bit shifty sometimes.
  9. Absolutely Stuart. A little info on Erik's process on the film: "The original cinematographer for “Citizen Kane,” Gregg Toland, “is incredibly influential,” said Messerschmidt. “Obviously we looked at ‘Citizen Kane’ and looked at his work.” “Mank” pays homage to his signature techniques – “deep focus, relatively low camera angles, limited focal length,” said Messerschmidt. “We limited ourselves to just a few lenses.” At the same time, he said, the filming needed to serve the story rather than draw attention to itself. “We wanted people to get really sucked into the ti
  10. I certainly didn't expect that amount of criticism. Fincher is one of the only directors actually doing great work with digital, he surely has a style and feel to his films that not everyone is down with I guess. Zodiac is incredible. Love Mank but it's REALLY not a film for everyone. It's very dense, a lot of inside baseball stuff that one has to know about, otherwise they might be lost. You can appreciate it on a surface level but there's a whole political slant to it, many references, a lot of context that might discourage some people. But it's great, got me to research some of it to
  11. Budget per season is 100 million (I guess perhaps higher now)
  12. If you want to see the best super 16 you'll ever see, watch One Tree Hill. Not only a glorious show, but it's insane how great it looks, really sharp, tight grain, impressive.
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