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  1. Richard embarrassing himself in here. Jesus christ. SELF ISOLATION IS A MUST, it's been said over and over again, it's to save lives, slow the spread and yes, cases are decreasing in countries doing it, even if it might take weeks to take effect. This is as basic as it gets. Anyone not complying with self isolation (unless they're doing something essential or are with members of their household) should be locked up. They're endangering lives. I'd advise people to log onto Twitter and take a look at many of the testimonies from nurses, doctors, civilians to see how bad it is. BUT it will pass, who knows when, the antibody test is coming to the US as well as to the UK and will be a game changer. From what we know, people who have had Covid 19 are immune for the time being. A virologist on Twitter explained the rumored handful of cases in Asia, where the virus supposedly reemerged as trace amounts of it still remaining in the system although not being infectious or sick anymore, and being detected OR faulty tests.
  2. Cases are shown to decrease. NO STATES SHOULD BE REOPENED, this is insanity. Absolute insanity. This is not the **(obscenity removed)** flu, just so we're clear.
  3. Social isolating and lockdown are shown to work in Austria, China, Italy etc as new cases go down. It's the only way it's going to work, that and drugs like remdesivir and co being tested as treatments. AND the famous antibody test touted by Boris Johnson is making its way to the US and the UK which is said to be a gamechanger as it'll tell you who has had the virus, so people can start going back to work. Supposedly people SHOULD be immune to it, there are a handful of cases where the virus was said to have reactivated but can be explained by a false positive or the person simply hadn't completely kicked the virus. Then, there's also recovered patients donating blood for infected folks to fight it.
  4. Did you read anything I said, did you watch the video? Have you been watching what WHO and the CDC have been saying? IT'S NOT FOR YOU. It's for others. It's not fear mongering. Take a look at her calculations, and no, she's not the only one who came up with those. There are not nearly enough ventilators in the US, nor in any country to take on the demand. SOCIAL DISTANCING is to save lives. You might not give a flying f*** but with that attitude of yours, if you do not practice social distancing, you might wound up getting infected and infecting someone who will infect others at risk and you might end up being responsible for who knows how many deaths. You might also have a family, older relatives. Are the dots connecting in your head? We've got far too many idiots (like those clowns in Florida spring breaking, or those other clowns in the UK in pubs) not following the guidelines, not giving a crap. There were one or two such idiots in South Korea who did so, guess what? They're responsible for 80% of the cases in SK.
  5. And I'll make an isolated post for this. SHOW this video to anyone you know, and especially ANYONE who isn't practicing social distancing.
  6. Apparently, it'll be 18 months before a vaccine, but there are several promising leads in multiple countries with treatments working well against COVID-19. Several vaccines are being tested on humans right now, but it takes 18 months for that process apparently. I advise everyone to watch Dr John Campbell's videos on YouTube, informed, clear, concise. Other promising lead is the antibody test Boris Johnson mentioned in the UK which would allow us to know who has had the virus, allowing some people to go back to work. Also, folks don't appear to be infectious after 10 days, SOME take a little longer to get rid of the virus. I think that's why most studios originally set a two week hiatus before going back to work. It might have to be a bit longer than that just to be safe BUT for example, on bigger productions like The Batman, FB3, those sorts of films, you can bet that the studios will have access to test kits and will be testing every single cast and crew member before resuming anything. So I think that with absolute precaution, ie you don't let any outsiders onto your set, some productions will be able to resume shooting in a few weeks, especially the ones shooting on studio lots where it's more contained. Location shooting I guess might be logistically more complicated. It seems clear that billions of people will be infected, and yes, hospitals will (and already are in several countries, Italy for example) be filled to capacity and won't be able to treat everyone. The positive point there is that 80% of all cases should have no symptoms, we see it with Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, other celebrities, who are basically like asymptomatic carriers. The point right now is to flatten that curve and the only way to do that, as has been made clear by Dr Campbell and many health officials, WHO, CDC, etc, is social distancing, physical distancing as well. That way, you don't reach a peak in infections too quickly that hospitals can't deal with it. And as we see with China (whose numbers can be reasonably verified now by health organizations), South Korea, social distancing works and there are practically no more infections in China. The measures are drastic but it needs to be done. A town in Italy with 3300 people tested everyone, and then quarantined the infected bunch, the result: no more infections. Hard to implement on bigger scales but it can be done. It's very likely apparently though that this will last for the rest of the year, and might come in waves but we will defeat it. By the way, Netflix created a 100 million dollar fund to help members of the creative community: https://variety.com/2020/film/news/netflix-coronavirus-relief-fund-100-million-dollars-1203540530/ And I'm sure we'll see more of those kinds of solutions in addition to the packages being planned by Dems and Republicans (as long as some a-holes don't stall, hem hem). On another note, there's the interesting situation of the theatrical window collapsing with several high profile films that were in theaters for a week or two dropping on PVOD, and discussions being had for some of the bigger films coming this year, considering that there'll be a massive scheduling headache to fit those delayed films in the schedule.
  7. Film is important to me and I don't want to ever have to shoot digitally. I have a love for celluloid I'll simply never have for digital, all my favorite films are shot on film (not an accident), it's not just the texture which is incredibly important (and a reason why I overall don't like digital, it's too often flat, clean, soulless), I have an emotional attachment to it. There's some great work being done digitally but there's not one time when I'm watching something shot digitally (even when it's a well done facsimile of film) where I'm not distracted or thinking "I wish this was shot on film". I've said it before and don't want to go into another debate, there's a soul, life and inherent texture to film that is incredibly vital to me, and I won't lie, when something is shot on film, it increases my excitement and it always bums me out whenever some directors cave (or they don't have a choice for that particular project) and give in to digital. I might have to do so some day, I hope not. It also matters when you shoot on film, no one cares that something is shot on the same boring digital camera that everyone uses. I love it when directors make the effort of shooting on film, NOT that directors shooting digitally are lazy, but you know what I mean.
  8. I don't want to be mean but it's all nonsense (Yedlin's theory). As said, Knives Out doesn't look like film, I saw it in the trailer, and for some reason, the grain wasn't at all visible in the movie theater (and I was sitting close to the screen), so it bothers me that Yedlin is continuing with this approach and singing its praises and then Rian Johnson literally said that Yedlin told him that he had MORE trouble making film look like film (can you believe this?) than making digital look like film. Some people are fooled though. (doesn't mean much really) I now see that the 4K Blu Ray has issues with the grain and screencaps show a very electronic looking grain, I asked Yedlin who doesn't know, he hasn't even seen the 4K disc. As Jon says: SHOOT ON FILM if you can. Enough with the cheating, the trickery, why lose all this time trying to make digital look like film if you can do it for real, no cheating and guess what, it'll look like the real thing because it is. Yedlin's "secret sauce" has been used before on San Andreas, Danny Collins and TLJ and you can just see through it. It intercuts well on TLJ but pixel peeping shows how different the grain structure is, the rendering of the faces, etc.
  9. Just saw that in the trades. Apparently you guys only had one week left and it's unsure whether the production will return there. I guess you guys will have to use greenscreen and plates? I guess the "good" thing in the Tom Hanks situation is that the folks who are infected will self quarantine until the virus fades away and should theoretically not be getting infected again (although we're not 100% on whether you can get reinfected or not). Rumbles that The Batman could be interrupted in the UK too. Fantastic Beasts 3 is supposed to begin filming on Monday, I hope it won't be impacted, although they're shooting it all in Leavesden on sets.
  10. I'm glad that Parasite won, historic. Still wanted The Irishman to win, but the only other worthy pick was Parasite and Bong imo.
  11. It's funny, I was shocked by how video looking Dark Waters is, and he made it clear he didn't like the experience 😄 Adding grain is not enough, you can't just add a layer of fake grain and expect it to look like film, I mean, obviously. There's always a difference (and yes, even when Yedlin does it, still looks like digital), how can you mimic perfectly film grain when it's random, every frame being different, and it's about more than grain. Dark Waters used LiveGrain, which I was stunned to see considering LiveGrain has been used on plenty of shows and films and yet it's barely perceptible.
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