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  1. Off topic but when you look at the Kodak Motion Picture Film IG account where they highlight stuff shot on film, there's surprisingly quite a lot imo, maybe it's peanuts compared to digital but still.
  2. Some of Sandgren's best work. To die for, just another reminder of how superior film is.
  3. With Sam Levinson directing, seems likely indeed.
  4. Checked it out again in the highest quality one can find (Disney+) and it seems to clearly be another film out just like they did with S2E10 (FUBU). Though on that FUBU episode, they'd used the Amira in Super 16 mode and then had done a 16mm film out, so the texture was much more present, as well as Christian Sprenger (the DP back then) usually shooting at 1280 or 1600 to get more texture. Here, they clearly didn't use the Super 16 mode and it's a 35mm filmout, and it feels like they shot it cleaner from the start too. Looks pretty great, obviously quite different from what shooting on film would look like.
  5. Incredible episode indeed. Sam Levinson is madly talented.
  6. Season 2 is fantastic, superior to the first I feel.
  7. The show looks better than it ever has. Switching from Alexa 65 to 35mm was the best decision they could ever have made. Such an upgrade.
  8. S2 premiere just began and they completely switched to film ! AND they managed to convince Kodak to produce Ektachrome stock for the show. Just gorgeous. Such a step up visually.
  9. With a good connection, the grain is resolved really well on all streaming services I use. On regular broadcast though, it can suffer sometimes.
  10. I doubt Linus and Cary are pandering to the masses, nor is anyone shooting anamorphically really.
  11. Denis said he's happy they didn't shoot back to back as he would never have been able to do it, he was too exhausted.
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