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  1. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! Congrats and I hope you win this 😉
  2. Budget per season is 100 million (I guess perhaps higher now)
  3. If you want to see the best super 16 you'll ever see, watch One Tree Hill. Not only a glorious show, but it's insane how great it looks, really sharp, tight grain, impressive.
  4. First season was excellent, but this takes it a step further. Don't forget the directors involved, though Jon is the showrunner. Baz Idoine really came into his own after shooting 2nd unit for Fraser for so long. Matthew Jensen (Wonder Woman) also putting in some excellent work. There's also an amazing moment in the first episode that screams IMAX but it's best not to spoil it for those who haven't watched it yet. Wish it was shot on film but I feel the Alexa LF + Ultra Vista combo works beautifully here and although it doesn't look that far removed from Rogue One, I prefer the look here. It's insane to see the production values you get on shows like this, or See (Apple TV, a must see), etc.
  5. About The Crown, I do believe it but I always cringe at period stuff especially shot digitally.
  6. Bit of a useless bump perhaps, a bit of a bummer to see this devolve into technical territory but I've just started watching this and I'm impressed by how good the F55 looks. It's always looked very videoey for me, except maybe with Vinyl, but that was heavily treated in post to make it "look" like film so to speak.
  7. Damien Chazelle an Linus Sandgren shot a good chunk of First Man on 2 perf too. On The Road is 2 perf, The Place Beyond The Pines and I Know This Much Is True (with some 3 perf for VFX) are 2 perf. Such a great format.
  8. Yeah, ever since Marty partially shot The Irishman on film, I guess it opened the door to other directors being able to demand it also 😉
  9. Who cares, this is Spielberg, he's wanted to make this for a long time. It's going to be very distinct.
  10. It won't disneyfied in any way as it was made by Spielberg and Fox, Disney just happens to inherit the film. It's been pushed back a whole year to December 2021 alas. It's going to be glorious and lavish (100 million budget).
  11. I'd be very curious to know, if you can share Jarin (I doubt you can), how it feels to shoot in Covid times and how you guys are handling crowd scenes (aside from VFX and low tech solutions).
  12. This looks fantastic. Tons of new footage from The Tattoo as well ^^ I want to see the whole thing. And congrats on college !
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