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Sony Venice Issues

Heath Orchard

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Hi everyone, I’ve had my Venice for a few months now and generally love it. However after the v4 hardware upgrade (not saying this is the cause necessarily) I started noticing some output issues. First my Monitor out stopped sending a signal. I made due with the SDI ports for a while. Then on set the other day I suddenly couldn’t get a signal out to a monitor or teradek at all regardless of which port I used. And the weird thing is in the monitoring menu  everything was pretty much greyed out and I wasn’t even able to attempt to change settings. Nothing had changed in my settings from my previous shoot so no idea what was going on there. I did a factory reset which did nothing.  I’ve sent my camera back to bandpro to get looked at but curious to know if anyone else has had something like this happen or has seen other glitchy things going on with their Venice. 


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Hey Robin, 

I did indeed fry the SDI board. I've been using a 703 monitor with the camera as well as a teradek which seems like a pretty standard setup. I also have the Wooden Camera DBox which I've been using to power my accessories.  BandPro told me Sony says to power down the monitor and the camera before plugging into any SDI ports which is just absurd when you're trying to move quick and trouble shoot problems. So bandpro's suggestion was to have everything plugged into the camera first and then plug into the accessories. Or was it the other way around... I've been trying to power down the camera to change ports whenever I can but to be honest I've never had this issue on any other camera in over 10 years and it's pretty disappointing. And my AC's don't even stop to think that it could be an issue so it feels like just a matter of time before it happens again. The camera is built like a tank and yet the board needs to be repaired in the first 3 months? I love the camera but it's frustrating to say the least. Suggestions on how to avoid this problem  would be greatly appreciated. 



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Might be faulty I guess.. I mean there are quite a few Venice,s out there .. and it cant be everyone is powering off the camera overtime they use an SDI port.. certainly on the f5/55 I don't do that. there were people who had problems f5/55, but that was a while back and I believe Sony came up with a "better" board..but I try to have teradek and monitors off when I plug them in.. but sometimes forget... not really sure it makes any difference.. probably not what you want to hear but if it was me I would taking it in in warranty and show them Im not happy.. or try a different monitor and see ion you still have the problem.. some thing in my mind I remember something about some Small HD models wiring.. 

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