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VISION 3 500 T and LED fixtures


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I’m shooting with V3 500T 7219 this weekend and I haven’t been able to find a good source of information regarding  using LED fixtures (Lite Mat Plus 1 S2, Hive Wasp-100C, Quasar Q-LED) on film. 


According to the Kodak via the Vision 3 brochure it states “If the kind of lamp is unknown, a KODAK WRATTEN2 Color Compensating Filter CC30R + CC20Y can be used with an exposure index (EI) of 250.
Light Source  Exposure Index “ which seems like a safer bet, however I was going to mix in a few Tungsten fixtures for hard light. 


Has anyone worked with these LED lamps and V3 500T? Or any thoughts on how to rate them? Most of the lamps will be colored to 3200K but a couple will be 5600K. Ideally the LED fixtures would be helpful to make small soft sources. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to test this week before hand, so any advice would be appreciated. Also this will be 24fps only. 


I’m aware that the CRI is an important factor in this. Also I’m assuming color temp is going to effect my rating. I’m going to reach out to a couple manufactures and see what they recommend as well.



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Not sure why you have to filter the camera differently than for a 3200K tungsten lamp or a 5600K HMI lamp.  I've used Litemats and other LED's on film before, like on HBO's "Westworld" -- we just used a 3200K LED like we would a 3200K tungsten, etc. We used daylight LED's in daytime or for a blue cast in tungsten interiors. Certainly camera filtering doesn't fix the issue of mixing color temperature lamps if you're not going for a mixed color temperature look.

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