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  1. I agree with these gentlemen, If a theoretical had a "half perf" gate for R16, you would lose so much resolution I doubt it would even be worth it. Especially if you wanted to blow up to 35mm. You'd essentially be back to Super8. As far as anamorphic 16mm movies, one of my favorites is a documentary by a director I've worked for before named Jason Khon and his film "Manda Bala" (Send a Bullet).
  2. For Sale: 1 - Arri Ultra 16 Prime - 8mm - T1.3 - CF:12" 1 - Arri Ultra 16 Prime - 9.5mm - T1.3 - CF:12" 1- Pelican 1520 Hard Case - with 6 foam slots More photos: Photos Via Google Drive In terms of merits, the Ultra 16 Primes are the best optics made for the S16 format in terms of MFT, distortion, etc. So either of these two lenses would be a nice start or perfect final touch to your S16 prime set. Cosmetically they are in pristine condition. The font elements on both lenses are flawless, as well as the rear element. Both lenses come with Zeiss front and rear lens ca
  3. Very interested. I’d love to see pics willing to send a deposit, asap to hold it. Based in the US, email is best for communication. -Connor Lawson connordlawson@yahoo.com
  4. This is an incredible package. What’s the price?
  5. Thanks David, I figured the color temps would read as normal, however I wasn’t confident that metering LEDs would be equivalent to their globe based counterparts. I was also curious if you had preferences or advice in regards to units or green spike.
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