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Cine RT vs Sniper

Michael Kubaszak

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4 hours ago, Michael Kubaszak said:

Wondering if anyone can tell me their experiences/opinions. I'm starting a feature in a couple weeks and want to use either. I've used the cinetape a ton and the sniper once.

I have made the switch to the Cine RT. Numerous advantages when compared to the Cinetape and Light Ranger. I don’t use the Sniper so I cannot comment on that. Test one at the rental house and see if it’s a good fit. 


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I use the sniper in addition to occasionally using the cinetape. I trust the sniper as it is so accurate in 85% of the situations and I have it on a motor and control left and right using the iris slider on my FIZ. I use the cinetape more for close up handheld work. I do want to try the CineRT as I have heard great reviews of it and a lot more user functions on set.

Honestly, rent both the Sniper and CineRT. I think you will find some situations to be better for one vs the other. I rent both for my sniper and cinetape on my jobs as I know both are useful and have their pros and cons.

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