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    1st Assistant Camera
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    Work is based in Los Angeles but I live elsewhere.
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    Panavision, Arriflex, IMAX, Red, Sony
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    Greg is a veteran first assistant cameraman who specializes in feature film production based in Hollywood, California. His experience spans over 38 years with numerous major studio, feature length motion pictures that are recognized world-wide. He is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild and The Society of Operating Cameramen.

    In 1989, Greg founded and still leads Latitude 33 Motion Picture Services, LLC that provides motion picture camera technology and related services to the motion picture industry. Clients include Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Disney, DreamWorks, HBO, CBS, Sony, as well as Panavision, Otto Nemenz, INT and Keslow Camera.

    Greg is happily married to his beloved wife, Rosie, and has two beautiful daughters, an incredible son-in-law and two wonderful grandchildren.

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  1. I understand the topic and it’s very disappointing. Moronic even.
  2. It is also important to realize that with zoom lenses, the lens speed (exposure) changes throughout the zoom range. Generally, they get slower towards the long end.
  3. The "T" stands for transmission. F-stops are calculated mathematically for mass lens production so each stop is a bit of a generic measurement. Transmission stops (T-stops) are literally measured lens by lens by shooting light through the individual lens in order to measure precisely where each stop is. You treat F-stops and T-stops the same when calculating exposure. G
  4. Apparently, JOKER had an eight minute standing ovation at the conclusion of the picture!! I was told that is unprecedented at the Venice Film Festival. A great start! G
  5. It’s debuting at the Venice Film Festival today! We have our fingers crossed but we also already know we have a special picture here with JOKER. G
  6. I believe you will ruin your camera if you have nothing less than a proper underwater housing. The salt alone, will eventually corrode everything in the camera, continuing well after your shoot. And, you most likely will not even get a clear image of your subject without an optically clear port in front of your lens. Not worth the risk. G
  7. Is the camera going to be submerged? Is it fresh water or salt water? G
  8. Hi Luke, It's a personal decision. Both systems have their benefits and cost the same. For me, as a professional focus puller, the Light Ranger reduced my focus pulling instincts to a playing a video game. Just keep the green bars over the subject. Besides keeping shots sharp, our main duty is to help tell the story. For me, the LR is too distracting to do that. The Cine RT is a brilliant tool that takes the Cinetape to a whole new level of performance. I really like using it and I much prefer it over the LR. The Cine RT is way more simple to set up and is way less fussy than the LR even though the most obvious difference is the Cine RT does not have auto focus. That's fine by me! The biggest difference between the CRT and the Cinetape is that it's wireless and does not have a clumsy display to have to find a place for on the camera. The display/control unit is next to you and you can change settings at will - even when you're rolling. Anyway, the Cine RT works great for me. I hope this helps you with your decision! G
  9. This is my set up: Small HD 1303 shown with Cine RT Base Unit and Preston HU III. And yes, even a portable fan for the hot summer days! G
  10. I’ve tried many and for me the best is the Small HD 1303. It has the size yet light weight and all of the tools one would need to be successful. G
  11. Cinematography Electronics makes and sells the Cinetape and Cine RT makes and sells the Focus Bug.
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