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    1st Assistant Camera
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    Work is based in Los Angeles but I live elsewhere.
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    Panavision, Arriflex, IMAX, Red, Sony
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    Greg is a veteran first assistant cameraman who specializes in feature film production based in Hollywood, California. His experience spans over 38 years with numerous major studio, feature length motion pictures that are recognized world-wide. He is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild and The Society of Operating Cameramen.

    In 1989, Greg founded and still leads Latitude 33 Motion Picture Services, LLC that provides motion picture camera technology and related services to the motion picture industry. Clients include Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Disney, DreamWorks, HBO, CBS, Sony, as well as Panavision, Otto Nemenz, INT and Keslow Camera.

    Greg is happily married to his beloved wife, Rosie, and has two beautiful daughters, an incredible son-in-law and two wonderful grandchildren.

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  1. I miss the old format of Cinematography.com. I feel that it was easier to surf new messages and subjects. Anyone else share this opinion? G
  2. Hey all, I'm looking to buy this Heden motor LM30 256. New or previously owned. Any leads? Many thanks... G
  3. Love it. This is “Taxi Driver” all of the way and not the typical comic book movie. The marketing will be critical for the box office success of this picture since it’s not a “Batman”. Beautifully lit, shot and directed. G
  4. I have used WESTERN EQUIPMENT FINANCE in the past for large cine gear purchases. They are unique because they use the actual gear being purchased as collateral. Easy! G
  5. We shot the first act of "STEVE JOBS" in 16mm. G
  6. I would add some of these guys are not even good - just the flavor of the month. G
  7. All my wife cares about is the red carpet fashion show. She couldnt care less about the rest! ;) G
  8. Lets weigh in on this headline from Mondays Hollywood Reporter: In a break with tradition, the Academy Awards in four categories will be presented during commercial breaks when the 91st Oscars are broadcast by ABC on Feb. 24. The affected categories are cinematography, film editing, live-action short and makeup and hairstyling. G
  9. I know several producers and Academy members who either fill the ballot out without watching the films or they have admitted to giving their ballots to their children to fill out however they want. G
  10. The Oscars are simply a popularity contest. The individual crafts nominate their own but then it becomes open voting for your friends. G
  11. Awesome! I love the white barney on the camera. G
  12. Yup! That's me in 1982 & 2018! Still going! B) G
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