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Hey everyone, I’m looking to clean out some equipment that I no longer use before the holidays, I’ve listed it all below. Let me know if you have any questions or would like pictures, I will only accept secure payments through PayPal. 

I’m selling the following items:

-Bolex Rex o Fader - $60 + shipping

-Lomo UPB-1A developing tank with 400ft of heavily expired 7240 and 400ft of heavily expired 7292 - $150 + shipping

(just an FYI the lomo tank has some slight issues with the spoked reel, it won’t screw into the spiral properly. Everything else works great for 16mm & Super 8. Light tight)

-Bolex Surefire Hand grip with 7 inch cable release - $25 + shipping 

-Maier Hancock hot splicer - $45 + shipping

- (9x) sealed rolls of Ciro 16mm unperforated tape - $30 + shipping 


please let me know if you have any further questions or want some additional info. I will only ship to US only.



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