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Safest/Best way to reformat an XQD card (other than in camera)

Joe Perri

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Hey Everyone, 

I am media managing a large, fast paced cooking show. We are shooting on Sony FS7’s. By the time the new XQD card gets to the operator, they want to start shooting immediately, so taking 15 seconds to reformat the XQD in the camera is not an option. So I have to reformat the XQD card at my DIT station before handing it to the AC. 

What is the most efficient way to reformat an XQD card (other than on an FS7)? The first thing that comes to mind is something like disk utility, but I don’t want to corrupt the card in anyway, I want to make sure I do it right. 

I am media managing on a MacBook Pro 


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For SxS cards Sony has an app.. memory media utility .. not sure if there is an XQD version.. but this app has a format function.. Ive never used it but at least its  Sony software ..I always format in the camera .. but Im never in that much of a rush.. or have enough cards to get you through the day.. then re format in camera end of the day.. ?  

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