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Would a Sony DSR-45A Pro DVCAM Mini DV Video Editing Deck allow me to transfer any video onto miniDV tape?

Jake Wolfert

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Hi, I'm looking for a solution to transfer video onto MiniDV tape and then capture it back. Would this machine allow me to do this? I'm trying to understand the possibilities that this machine would give me. Heres a link to product mentioned 


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That deck will allow you to capture over FireWire from tapes recorded on your camcorder and to archive edits made on your computer back onto DV tape . It is a good and ruggedly made deck , I used to have one .

However , for a similar outlay , you can now buy an HDV deck which still works with DV and DVCAM but also supports the HDV format . If you get an HDV camcorder later , you can shoot and edit in high definition - a visible improvement over DV and still using the same tapes .

Sony HDV products start with the code HVR and there is a whole range of decks and camcorders.

Here is the entry level deck , which I’ve used myself for a number of years .



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