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  1. Hi, I recently got a hold of some expired 35mm EXR 50D and Vision 1 250D. I believe they're probably about 15-20 years expired, but they were refrigerated. Any thoughts on how I should rate it?
  2. I've searched online and haven't found any clear answers. Some sources say C mount, but c mount lenses don't look like they would fit. The mount looks like a PL mount but rotated, and with 3 slots, compared to 4 slots, one in each corner. Thanks
  3. In the past I've had issues with loading mags, particular with lost loop resulting in smeared, unusable footage. I've watched all the videos and I've loaded on several different cameras many times before. I love how the 416 tells you if theres a loop error, but I'll be shooting on the SRII tomorrow which lacks this feature. Even when using the 416, I've had wiggle in the registration after the camera says the loop is good. At this point I'm very afraid every time I load. How can I be positive I've loaded the mag correctly? Any tips are greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm looking to find some bulbs for practical usage in house lamps that have a sodium vapor color temperature. I was looking at these (https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/4978/LU0150-0010.html) and then realized that they need a high pressure sodium ballast. Any know where I could get some sodium vapor bulbs that would strike on a house lamp, or bulbs with a color temperature around 2000K? Thank you.
  5. I'm especially looking for the AC magazine article about the film. I'm really trying to learn more about flashing/fogging as well as what kind of filtration Vilmos used. If anyone has any sources, please let me know!
  6. Any chance these are still available?
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