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EasyRig Vario 5 STABIL

Daniel Quinn

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Hi All,

I'm looking at upgrading from my current setup and wanted some advice.

I currently own and have happily used an Easy Rig Cinema 3 500N for years. But the payload capacity weight range is very narrow, and my needs have been branching outside of this - I've been making do but am thinking that getting a more broadly suitable vest may be wise at this point. 

So I have been eyeing up the Vario 5 as it has a much broader payload range - do you think it's a worthwhile upgrade? What have your experiences with the vest been like?

I also want to know about the STABIL arm attachment - do you find this a useful/worthwhile tool? I'm curious about it and considering getting both together.

Looking forwards to hearing people's thoughts, many thanks.

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I love the Vario series; I've used them a lot, including on two features. I'd say definitely a worthwhile upgrade!

However, it's not entirely perfect. The rig is quite tall and becomes a problem often with lighting, small locations, and moving around with the actors during a take. Additionally, there's a tendency to shoot from the hip when on an easy rig rather than handheld.

So, even though I (and my back) love the rig, I'm finding myself using it less and less for practical reasons.

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