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F/S Optar Illumina S16 Lens Set 12, 25, 50mm T1.3 Arri B & PL Mount

Philip Reinhold

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im selling my Optar Illumina S16 Lens Set 12, 25, 50mm T1.3 Arri B & PL Mount in mint condition.

1.2 / 12mm
1.2 / 25mm
1.2 / 50mm

Feet scale.

amazing condition like unused.

Glas clean, no scratches & no dust.

Mechanics works smoothly and are in perfect condition.


They are in Arri B mount for Arriflex SR1 & 2 Cameras but comes with PL Mount Adapter for more possibilities.
Lenses should be collimated before use with a Filmcamera! I did not Test them on a Filmcamera but they looked perfect on a digital Camera with PL Mount Adapted!

Lenses are based in Potsdam Babelsberg, Germany.


3300€ / 3500$ USD





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